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He has become one of the leading economic players in the city of SaintEtienne, Salvatore Corona is the head of BV Sport. Here is now, he's our guest today. Good evening, Salvatore Corona Good evening So you have been at the head of BV Sport since 2007, a pioneering company in the field of medical research on venous return, and you have just filed a patent for your palpateandroll textile. As you say, we are specialists in venous return, making products for athletes that means we that accelerate athletes' blood flow to improve their performances Oh yes, and what is this palpateandroll textileé Well, this fabric was born out of our normal leggings which are designed for young female athletes … one day they started to tell us that they had noticed an improvement, a certain smoothing of the skin, and they asked what it was due to.

And from that came the idea of really inventing some leggings specially for cellulite. And so, how do they work, how are they worné Er. is it absolutely necessary to do sport while you're wearing themé Well, it's quite obvious that these are intended for women who are aware that a minimum of physical effort is necessary to improve this unsightly condition known as the orange peel effect. So how do they work thené Actually, we started with the massage sessions you can have at the physiotherapist's, palpateandroll massage sessions. So the palpateandroll textile will imitate in a way this palpateandroll massage. We create areas of pressure and negative pressure by alternating rigid and flexible stitching in the knit fabric, and then it's the movement of the muscles that will recreate the massage and compression effects through our textile and our knowhow,

and this will accelerate lymphatic drainage and blood flow and eliminate the fatty deposits, evacuating them by means of the venous return process. And what is the difference with all those tights that we've already seen slimming tights, anticellulite tights… is there really any differenceé Well already, I have to explain that you are obliged to do some form of sport, or move, walk at least, for them to work. We absolutely don't make cosmetic products, it's not our area of knowhow, what I mean is this is a product that works in a natural way thanks to the movement of the muscles. In fact it's a … well, it's mechanical, suite simply. So, you've brought us a pair to see. We can see that colour's rather pink. are they just for females. is it only women that can wear these leggingsé

Well, one woman in nine suffers from this problem with cellulite, whereas it's only one man in 50, but men do sometimes have a bit of cellulite… So in the end, you could also target the product at mené Er, no, because… well, no, for start, I can't see men wanting to wear this type of product. And then, actually, it's essentially a hormonal problem. So, what we're doing here is trying to fragment these fatty masses, which there are millions of . there are millions and millions of these fatty clusters in the blood, and we're trying to break them down, thanks to this palpateandroll massage, these masses that form little bumps on the surface on the skin . we're breaking them down so that they can be evacuated, quite simply. So it's quite clear, you have to do some sport, or it won't work. And so, does it really worké Have you tested it with people you knowé

Well, we did a first trial with about forty women… and so, we've collected all the results from that. And we have asked a al investigation centre for a study . to measure the real effects of our leggings. And these tests are under way, and we should be able to disclose the results, to publish them, I think, within about six months. Is there a real demand for this kind of producté Oh yes, there is . it seems to me that it is actually a very, very common problem, for women in particular, so yes there is a real demand. Today, we've started selling the product in sports stores, and we'll be recruiting about twenty sales reps and then we'll be attacking the chemist's shop market, given that we know that it's mainly women who go to the chemist's, and so that's where we're going to try and reach the female of the species so that we can bring them … So it doesn't work if we sit in front of the telly, righté

No, if you sit in front of the telly eating peanuts, it's not going to work And if our viewers want to get a pair of these leggings, how can they do thaté So, today, they can find them on our website and in all our usual sports outlets, because, as you know, we are specialised in the sports field, . so they can be found in all sports shops we're present in one thousand four hundred shops in Europe, so you can easily find them. And soon, they will be in pharmacies. We've already started placing them in chemist's shops and we started with SaintEtienne. What does that represent for the company in terms of the marketé Well, at the moment, the market is just getting off the ground and it already represents . in three or four months we've sold 3,000 pairs of leggings. There you are. At what priceé

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