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What Is A Bv Rating For Attorneys

How to Find the Best Phoenix Criminal Lawyer

gt;gt; RYAN: We are with David Black. David Blackis a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, Arizona. He's agreed to answer online questionsthat were posted. If you have any questions for David you can also post them in the commentsection below. With that said, David the question that was posted was, how do you find the bestcriminal lawyeré gt;gt; DAVID: Ryan, that is a wonderful questionand I will tell you a little story that has helped me understand that you, the viewermust be going through if you are looking to find a criminal lawyer. I bought a house acouple of years ago and I needed to put a new roof in. I had no idea what to do. AllI had experience was hearing harsh stories

of people being taken advantage of eitherhaving shady work done or paying too much money or both, so I was afraid. In that circumstancewhat I did is I hired an independent guy to take a look at the roof to tell me if I needto put or not. Somebody that is disconnected with the actual purchasing of the roof, infact I needed one and then I shopped for another person. So I say that because I empathizewith my potential clients. They are scared and they do not want to be taken advantageof. I also would like to give a few points that might address what somebody should lookfor and how to do about finding a good criminal defense attorney. The first thing you wouldlike to do is to assess your need. If you

are charged with a federal white colored crime,you are not going to hire a DUI attorney. If you were charged with felony DUI, you arenot going to hire a family attorney. So make sure you know what you are looking for. Forexample, my practice handles quite a number of DUI's and some major felonies. There issomething we do not do. We generally do not handle sex cases, so that is something thatyou certainly would not want us to do. In terms of where to look, my suggestion wouldbe, obviously they are watching the show in internet. It is pretty much where everybodygoes first that is why we do these tutorials because we know that you are out there lookingfor information, but what kind of information

should you look foré There are a lot of ratingservices for attorney; some of them are more legitimate than others. The services thatI would recommend and obviously these are services that I am listed on are those ownedby and West Publishing. West Publishing I believe is the house that does whether somebodyis AV rated, BV rated, CV rated, highest, middle, and a little bit lower than that.And our practice is AV rated; you can see it right behind the stair. There is also awebsite called Super Lawyers, I really liked this website. It was something that I wasvery proud of. It came listed as the rising star in Arizona. They do not simply sell yourlistings, you have to be nominated by somebody

else, they do the review process and it isquite difficult to get nominated. So that is something that I am proud of and I wouldencourage to go to that website to find a lawyer that you may be looking at. You knowAvvo was a great source. It is a great source of client reviews but we as business ownerscan manipulate Avvo more easily than some of the other listing services. So where Ihave no input on whether or not I get listed to Super Lawyers and I had a minimum inputon whether or not I get listed to the AV rating status. I do have some input, I can tell Avvoto put that I have done, so you do want to be careful with that. The next thing you wantto do once you find an attorney and obviously

referrals are bit exposure to lawyers to.I am focusing on the internet aspect because that is where you are watching this but onceyou got a lawyer or a list of lawyers, call them and find out if you are comfortable speakingto them over the phone, meet with them, sit down, and talk to them, if you are comfortablewith your lawyer. If they seem genuine, honest, intelligent, and like they are going to dotheir best for you that is the best lawyer. They are going to appear that way to the prosecutionand most likely appear that way to the judiciary as well and those are obviously importantthings when you are charged with an offense and looking for somebody to represent youin court. If the attorney you meet with is

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