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Josten International BV uses the new up and download feature from TimoCom

My name is Geert Josten from Josten InternationalBV in Horst, the Netherlands. I've been the Managing Director of this companysince 1991. We offer logistics services throughout Europe and have been a TimoCom customer for over 15years. We prefer longterm business relationships with ourhaulage contractors and with cargo owners and therefore this feature is a perfect addition tothe TimoCom transport platform. Especially companies without their own website canpresent themselves perfectly with the new feature. You can upgrade your company profile and you arevisible for other users.

That is a must and represents you even better. The new feature from TimoCom with which you candownload documents from the company profile and view information is a super addition to thesystem. I also can't imagine that other TimoCom users willnot want to view important documents. It creates a great deal of confidence and is theperfect addition to the TimoCom system. I hope all TimoCom users will soon switch todigitalising their documents. This is the future. There's no way around it.

How to Do More With Less Leverage Is the Key to Business Success

Mark: Good morning, it's Mark from Top LocalLead Generation, we're here with John Nieuwenburg, he's a business coach in Vancouver, servingclients all over the world. How're you doing today Johné John: Doing great, thanks for asking Mark.How about youé Mark: I'm great. So we're back to normal,rainy here in Vancouver, but we're going to talk about how to use leverage in yourbusiness. How is that doing more with less in leverage, how is that the key to businesssuccessé John: Well, leverage is the key to growingyour business. So if your standard of success

is growth, then leverage is the best way todo that. Leverage is available or possible for just about all of us in business, andso my challenge for you guys today is to think about how you can use leverage in your business.So there's seven forms of leverage, so let's just walk through the list and maybe giveyou a quick example. So number 1 is OPM or Other People's Money.So an example of that of course, is franchising your business because then you're growingyour brand, your business, the number of customers your business has because you're using otherpeoples money to get access to your business model and that's franchising.

2. Other People's Time and that's hiringfreelancers or more traditional, getting employees. 3. Other People's Work outsourcing orlike what you get with Elance of Upwork or even bookkeepers like Legacy Advantage. 4. Other People's Experiences that'sgetting a mentor or coach, or reading blogs or books. And of course, that's the onethat I recommend. That if you want to scale your business or grow your business faster,you can probably do that on your own, but getting a mentor or relying on books is goingto get you there faster. Experience is a great teacher but it takes time and it's expensive.

5. Other People's Ideas a simple exampleof that is venture capitalists, rely on other peoples ideas to grow their money. 6. Another form of leverage is Scalable Productionand Distribution and that's when you think about Amazon or Costco or Walmart. And number seven is Scalable Customer Base and that's iTunes or Evernote or Dropbox and they can grow their business without reallygrowing the complexity because server time is really easy. Now the one example or the one challenge thatI sometimes get is I'm a solopreneur and

how do I get leverage because none of theseother dimensions apply to my business. And that's the one, here's the thing thatyou can scale or leverage in your business if you're a solopreneur, and that is scalethe quality of your customers. So if you're currently working with customers that setan hourly rate, I'm just going to make up a number, let's say $200 per hour, thatis a way of saying that's how much value you create in the marketplace. If on the otherhand, you can work with clients who are happy to pay your hourly rate of $500 per hour,it's because you are creating that much value for them and in turn that means they'rewiling and can pay that rate because it produces

that kind of return. Typically, scaling yourclients means getting clients that do more business themselves and see your service asa way that they can get leverage. So the bottom line, all of us, no matter thetype of business we have can find leverage and leverage is the key to success becauseit basically means doing more with less. Mark: So do you have an example from a coaching,not name names, of a coaching client that you've worked with that used any of theseparticular ways of leverage and realized the kind of growth that they were, and you were,guiding them towardsé John: Well yeah, think about that one in termsof my painter client and we were talking about

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