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DOCS The Worlds Smallest Girl

00:13COMM: In the heart of India lives an extraordinary girl. Teenager, Jyoti Amge is no bigger thana 6 month old baby. Like many other girls her age she dreams of stardom. But as wellas being tiny Jyoti is fragile and walks on two broken legs. 00:36DOCTOR: There is no evidence of any healing at all. 00:37COMM: Her protective parents now face an agonizing dilemma, trust her care to a modern medicineor turn to their traditional beliefsé It's

a decision that will determine the futurefor their remarkable daughter. 01:51COMM: This is Jyoti Amge. In many ways she's a typical teenager except for one incredibledifference. At 23 and half inches tall, Jyoti is the Smallest Girl in the World. 01:18JYOTI: I play with Vishnu. He's my sister's son. He's two years old 01:29COMM: From birth, she has survived against the odds and a rare condition that has severelystunted her growth.

01:37JYOTI: When I tell people my age they don't believe me. 01:43COMM: No matter what challenges her life presents, Jyoti faces them with determination and asmile on her face. She may be tiny but Jyoti has big plans and is dedicated to buildinga future for herself. 02:03COMM: Jyoti's amazing story began almost 16 years ago in the city of Nagpur. Situatedat the geographical centre of India, and home to over 4 million people, it is a thrivingcentre of trade where modern India develops

along side a more traditional way of life. 02:29COMM: The Amge family lives In a quiet suburb to the east of the city. 02:36COMM: The Amge family lives In a quiet suburb to the east of the city. 02:50RANJANA: I had a check up and the thought baby was dead. I had a scan and she wasn'tvisible in there at all. 03:00KISHANJI: Even up to the full 9 months the

child could not be seen on the scan. Theysaid the child is not formed, it is like water and that it was not alive. 03:14COMM: In the 10th month, s performed a caesarean section on Ranjana. The procedurelasted much longer than normal, taking two hours. 03:26KISHANJI: When they found that the baby was alive it was a miracle the s were inshock, it was beyond their understanding. 03:33COMM: Ranjana had given birth to a girl. They

named her…Jyoti. 03:41RANJANA: They told us the baby would die or perhaps survive for only ten minutes. 03:50COMM: But Jyoti did survive. Weighing just over 3lbs at birth, she began to strengthen.The proud parents took their new daughter home to be with her older brother and threesisters. 04:04KISHANJI: We said it is a child of ours and we will raise it no matter what it's fate.

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