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What is the VA Disability Claims and Appeals Process

What is the Veterans Disability Claims and Appeals Processé Hi I'm Marc Whitehead and Accredited Veterans Disability Attorney, helping Veterans Nation Wide. The Veterans Claims process begins and your regional office, or your RO. If you want to think about it in terms of the law in general, the R.O. is similar to the trial court. You must file your claims here and a claims adjudicator will decide whether to approve or deny it. This process is not fast. If your claim is initially denied by the R.O. you would then appeal that decision to the decision review officer. Or the D.R.O This must be proceeded by filing a notice of disagreement or an N.O.D.

If a denial of the veterans claims still occurs after you've exhausted your resources at the regional level, The next part of the veterans claims process is to appeal to the board of Veterans appeals or the B.V.A. The B.V.A is made up of attorney board members, one of whom will act as your administrative judge in your appeal. The B.V.A. can consider new evidence and even seek out medical opinions on its own before deciding your appeal. Unfortunately this process can take a year or more. A denial by the B.V.A can be appealed to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. This seven member courts only responsibility is to deal with the appeals from the B.V.A. If that doesn't work the next stage of the Veterans Appeal's Claims Process, is the court of appeals for the federal circuit.

This court has jurisdiction over regulations and reviews the lower courts decisions. This Topic is discussed more in my free eBook: Veterans Disability Claims: Strategies for a Winning Campaign Visit disabilitydenials for a free downloadable copy. Or call 18005629830 to discuss your particular VA disability issue. I'm Marc Whitehead, Thanks for watching.

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