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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Player Tournament Borussia Dortmund

Good luck, bro! Go Messi, go! go! Go Messi! Aaaawh, Messi! I've looked at Adrian's team and he doesn't have much pace at the back. So I've gone for fast players in attack. I'm well prepared and I've got a good team. Let's go! I'm focusing on possesion but I'll wait for mistakes and then counterattack.

Adrian is a good striker. I think I can do this! I have a nice mix of legends and good defenders. In midfield I have Marco next to me. Let's see how it works out. MARCO! Man! You've got to be joking! What are you doingé You're pressing the button too hard! Siiiiiiii! CR7! Auba…Aubaa! NOOO!

41, brother! What's he doing to you!é What a victory! Man of the match, man of the match! The final, man! You can't be serious! No! Third place! Now I get a medal that I can show off at home! It's not next to me by accident, that trophy! It's in exactly the right spot! Aaaah! Nooo! Siiiiiiii!

Siiii! Golazo! Reeeeeuuuohohuuusss Ah, Ronaldo, my man. What are you doingé Congratulations, Marco!.


Hi guys and welcome to a new tutorial. Today we invited our friends the channel quot;Germankickerzquot; For a Penalty Shootout But we also have a goalkeeper who . Guys. Let's do this!.

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