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What Is Bvr Flight

Falcon View Flight Planning

Well, FalconView is primarilyused as a mapping system throughout the DOD. Basically, as you wouldsee in Google Maps or any otherconsumer application for driving aroundin your car, it's essentially the sametype functionality. But it will be taking intoaccount the DODcentric nature

of the mission,so it will include all of the classified andunclassified data sources, as well as your currentlocation INAUDIBLE chip, as well as others thatmight be near you. FalconView was reallydesigned from the outset to work in adisconnected environment, and so when you're inan emergency situation and don't have a phoneor water or any kind

of telecommunications, youstill have a capability without having to betied to the internet. FalconView is used byabout 80,000 users, we estimate, at thispoint, throughout DOD. It's used by the Air Force, theNavy, the Special Operations Community, as well as the Army. Well, it really streamlinestheir whole planning process because they're doingeverything digital

and it gives them thatrealtime situational awareness of all the latest uptodateinformation about the threats they may encounter. FalconView did startabout 20 years ago. I was a grad studentat Georgia Tech and had worked on a coupleof different systems as a software developer. I worked on a mission planningsystem, a threat avoidance

system, for the AirForce, and then I had also worked on themapping system for the Army. And at a conference Iran into an F16 pilot who expressed an interest inbuilding something entirely new and they had a real problemin the Air National Guard where they were workingwith some older systems that cost about $500,000apiece, and they had some new aircraftcoming online,

and then once it got fielded,after about nine months it just took off. And so it never reallystopped from that point on. Today and we'rebasically working on performance enhancementsto take advantage of very large data setslike multiple terabytes worth of data. Another is the 3Dimplementation of FalconView.

DJI Built to Create

Creativity.It sits at the heart of every idea, every innovation, every dream.It is a force for change. For making the world a better place. For reaching higher.Those who want to build a better world, the innovators, the explorers and the dreamers,will stop at nothing to give life to their ideas.They see the world differently and crave nothing short of the extraordinary.We make technology for them. Technology that means the sky is no longerthe limit. Technology that makes the impossible, possible.Engines of creation that don't just realize,

they inspire.Our cameras put the most advanced technologies into the hands of every creator.Our flying platforms free them from the limits of gravity, lifting them high into the airfor a whole new perspective on the world. Our robotic motion control systems give themthe graceful, smooth tutorial footage they need to paint better pictures of the world.We're inspired by those who follow their inspiration. We believe that there is nothingwe cannot innovate. We stand with passionate creators whose relentlessdetermination drives them to achieve greatness. We are creating the future. The future ofpossible.

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