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What Is Bvr Missile

Air to Air Missiles Top 5 in the World

Top 5 AirtoAir Missiles in the World. 5th place. Meteor is a next generation beyondvisualrangeairtoair missile (BVRAAM) developed by MBDA for the common requirements of France, Germany,Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The missile will be integrated on modern combataircraft such as Eurofighter Typhoon, Saab Gripen, Dassault Rafale and F35 Joint StrikeFighter. stateoftheart active radar seeker, a twowaydata link communication, and a solidfuelled Ramjet motor to engage a wide range of targetswith pin point accuracy.

The missile has high countermeasures resistanceand offers the biggest 'no escape zone.' The ability to counter the current and futurecombat threats. 4th place. The IRIST (InfraRed Imaging System TailThrustVector Controlled) is a new generation shortrange airtoair missile produced by Diehl BGT Defence. The missile can engage aerial targets withina range of 25km. The missile was developed by Diehl, a companybased in Germany, in partnership with companies from Greece, Italy, Canada, Norway and Spainto replace the AIM9L Sidewinder AAM.

The IRIST can destroy a wide variety of targetswith its high explosive fragmented warhead fitted with a proximity fuse. It is fitted as a standard weapon for EurofighterTyphoon, F16, EF18, Tornado and Gripen fighter aircraft. 3rd Place. The Python5 from Rafael Advanced DefenceSystems is a fifth generation airtoair missile designed to engage very short range and nearbeyond visual range targets. It is the newest member of the Python missilerange and one of the most advanced AAMs in

the world. The Python5 has high resistance against countermeasuresand can be deployed on a wide range of aircraft such as F15, F16, Mirage, Saab Gripen andSu30MKI. The missile is equipped with a new dual wavebandFocal Plane Array (FPA) imaging seeker, inertial navigation system and advanced Infrared CounterCounterMeasures(IRCCM). 2nd Place. The R77 (RVVAE) (NATO: AA12 Adder) is amediumrange airtoair missile developed by State MachineBuilding Design Bureau quot;Vympelquot;.

The R77's multipurpose target engagementcapabilities and resistance against countermeasures are among the best in the world. The R77 (RVVAE) can be deployed on MiGSukhoifighters and other foreignmade aircraft as well as landbased antiair weapon systems. It is launched from AKU170E launch unit aboardthe aircraft. The R77 carries a 22.5kg multishaped chargerod type warhead for a maximum distance of 80km.1st Place. Astra is India's first beyondvisualrange(BVR) airtoair missile indigenously designed

and developed by Defence Research and DevelopmentOrganisation (DRDO). It is intended to engage and destroy aerialtargets with high manoeuvrability and supersonic speeds. The highly agile, accurate and reliable missilefeatures high singleshot kill probability (SSKP) and is capable of operating under allweather conditions. DRDO and the IAF jointly conducted a livelaunch of the Astra BVR missile from a Su30 MKI combat aircraft in May 2014. It can intercept and destroy enemy targetswith a launch speed between Mach 0.4 to Mach

US missile defense system hits target in key test

The troubled U.S. homeland missile defenseprogram,. heavily criticized for its unreliability, has finally carried out a successful test.The system, deployed ten years ago by former president George W. Bush, is supposed to counterthe longrange missile threat posed by North Korea.Shin Semin has more. The U.S. missile defense system on Sundaystruck down a simulated enemy missile over the Pacific in the first successful intercepttest of the program since 2008. This will help validate the troubled BoeingrunGroundbased Midcourse Defense system which provides the sole U.S. defense against longrangeballistic missiles.

Missile Defense Agency Director Vice AdmiralJames Syring called it a very important step in Washington's continuing efforts to improveand increase the reliability of the defense system.The Pentagon also said all components involved in the test performed as planned,. and theofficials will be assessing the performance of the system with the data collected fromthe test. The system had failed to hit dummy missilesin previous tests since the Bush administration deployed the system in 2004 to counter thethreat posed by North Korea. It was reported on Friday that the Pentagonhad restructured its contract with Boeing

to put more emphasis on maintenance and reliability.Shin Semin, Arirang News.

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