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What Is Bvt Testing

Osteoarthrits bee venom

How does this insect figure into arthritistreatment. next Bee sting therapy for osteoarthritiséAn unusual treatment for osteoarthritis is creating much buzz in the medical industry,according to CBS News. Honey bee venom is an ancient folk remedythat's been used for a number of years by alternative practitioners. But now the treatmentmay enter the mainstream markets; Axis al Trials in Los Angeles is testing honey beevenom for the treatment of osteoarthritis. The new drug, known as Apimed, is standardizedand purified quot;venom in a vial,quot; which is injected into a patient's painful joints.A Koreabased pharmaceutical company contacted

Lydie Hazan, who is currently recruitingU.S. trial participants. In order for the treatment to gain approval by the Food andDrug Administration, Hazan and her team will need to monitor the patients for six monthsand prove the injections are safe and effective. quot;Nobody is really sure on exactly the mechanismof the honey bee venom,quot; Hazan told CBS in Los Angeles. quot;But it seems to have an affinityfor inflammation in that it gobbles up the inflammation.quot;However, Hazan warns a bee sting can be deadly to those who are allergic. She recommendsbeing tested by a before trying any type of bee venom therapy.Comment: Interesting.

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