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What Is The Full Form Of Bv

King No 1 King 2015 Full Hindi Dubbed Movie With Hindi Songs Nagarjuna

Raja Ravichandra Varmawas a respectful and kind person. He used to do businessnot only to earn profit. .but also givejob to the unemployed. His three sistersmeant everything to him. And these three men are thosewho married Raja's three sisters. Raja loved his sisters whereas thesethree men loved Raja's wealth. He is Raja's brotherinlaw,an absent minded man. But he is a good man too.

After Raja's death, his childrenbecame the point of attraction. Bhagat Singh,a criminal minded business man. Earlier,he was a professional killer. .now he is a business man. Start the auction. sir, no one has comefrom King constructions. After Raja's death, who'sleft to represent the company. Raja's elder son.

Has this kid entered thebusiness against meé Yes sir. You can start. Government's minimumbid amount is 1 million. 1 million and 10 thousand. 5 million. Bhagat construction's finalbid is Rs. 20 million and 200,000. One moment King. You got bowled in thegame of business, kid. Sorry, bad luck.

I didn't get bowled,but hit a century instead. This spinning mill whichisn't worth even 5 million. .I provoked you andmade you to bid for 20 million. And I made workers toearn a profit Rs.10.5 million. A real King not only winsbut also one who makes people win. Good luck. I won. You won. Well done, my child. Congratulations, my dear.

Sisterinlaw, why do youcongratulate your elder son. .when the younger one had won ité He lost to make him win. A real King not only winsbut also one who makes people win. You fool, tell me.Do you think it comes for freeé I'll not spare you. Hey, what are you doingé Why are you hitting himéWhat has he doneé

You don't know. King trustedhim and gave him the keys. .but he cheated us. What are you trying to sayé Tomorrow isbrotherinlaw's birthday. .so we had kept the bonusof the workers in the locker. .he says the suitcasehas gone missing. I'll not spare him. Hit him. What's going on hereé Sir. I didn't steal.I am telling the truth.

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