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Updated Whats in my Bag Gucci Dionysus Bag Review

Today I'll do an updated 'What's in my bag' tutorial since a lot of you asked me to. I already did one at the beginning of the year and you guys really liked it. I did that one with my old Céline bag which I don't have anymore. But I have a new favorite bag now: the Dionysus bag from Gucci. This is the new creation by Gucci which is named after the god of the wine in Greek mythology. Fun fact: My actual name is Denise (short: Nisi) which originates from the god Dionysus. So this means this bag kinda has my name, more or less 😉 Before I'll show you the content let's talk more about the bag first.

I have it in this beautiful soft taupe color in suede but it also comes in lots of other variations. Like other suede ones in black, berry tones and bluegreenish. But the most popular one might be the one with the traditional GG Supreme pattern. This bag also comes in different sizes. This is the medium one but there's also a larger one and also a small one which is about this size and a bit more narrow. I chose this one because I love the color and I don't have any bag in a similar color. I think this one is easy to style and also the size is just perfect for me since I didn't want another small bag and the bigger one would have been too big and too bulky for me.

This one is perfect and everything I need fits in it. I also love the suede which gives this bag that special vibe. But be aware that since it's suede it's also very delicate and can be discoloured very easily. You can see a little discolouration here at the corner from carrying it crossbody. It also got a little bit darker on the back but I don't mind that much. You almost can't expect anything else from this particular material and color. I always spray my bags and shoes with this waterproof spray from Collonil. What elseé

The hardware! It's not really silver colored but also not gold (obviously) but almost gun metal. And I think this color fits to any other metal color like my silver jewelry I'm wearing right now. Or also jewelry in gold like this watch here. I definetely think you can wear these together. This way you're bit more flexible in your outfit choices. Then there are different ways to wear this bag. With shorter shoulder straps for instant to wear it in the crook of the arm or shouldered. But you can also extend the shoulder strap to wear it shouldered or crossbody which I love!

I love bags with chained shoulder straps in general. This can add that special something to a look. And lastly it has a beautiful clasp with heads of tigers as another hint of the Greek god.

Sesame Street Elmos World Birthdays

MUSIC PLAYING ELMO: SINGING La la la. La la la. Elmo's World. La la la. La la la. Elmo's World. Elmo loves his goldfish.

His crayon, too. INAUDIBLE LAUGHING ELMO: SINGINGThat's Elmo's World. ELMO: Dorothy. Dorothy.

Dorothy. Oh, oh. Oh, hi! Welcome to Elmo's World. Elmo's so happy to see you. Oh, and so is Dorothy. Say hello, Dorothy. LAUGHING

So, guess what Elmo'sthinking about today. SINGING Yatatada. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. ELMO: Did you guess yeté HUMMING GASPING Uh oh.

You know INAUDIBLEThat's right. Birthdays. LAUGHING MUSIC PLAYING And guess what! Today is Dorothy's birthday.

Yay, Dorothy! Yay, Dorothy! Happy Birthday, Dorothy. Oh, and Dorothy's beenthinking about birthdays and has a birthday question. Oh, good ahead, Dorothy. Oh, OK. OK.

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