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Where Is Netherlands Bv

MC Escher Documentary by CINEMEDIANPSRNTV 1999

mmm in the woodcut entitled metamorphosisthe birds fees and fish that emerge from thebackground suddenly give way to a view of a southern Italian town precise in every detail Maurits Escher lived in Italy forthirteen years it was undoubtedly the happiest periodin his life he met his wife to have his three sonswere born there

and he produced almost half of hiswoodcuts and lithographs in Italy if he ever needed a landscape Street orbuilding for one of his later Prince he pulled out one of his sketches fromthis period it in this way he was able to make useof his unremitting nostalgia for his Italianyears and and

home well %uh the duck city of harlem in 1920 a slight figure reflected in achandelier at the city's cathedral church rights to a friend about what he feelswhen he listens to the organ on

on suddenly a gale rushed through the pipesat the organ and a thundering voice proclaims theglory of God then the young man lay down his back onthe cold stones the large cold stones while thehurricane blew and the voice thundered the columns atthe church could bear the sound no more than he could they stretched as a person stretcheswhen waking up

so much so that they seemed about tobreak and the young man lay on his back on thecold stones at the church and stretched out his arms as if to becrucified and above him he saw the swaying and undulating columns the organ grew muchlarger the pipes reach from the earth to theheavens and the young man felt such a strong winds that he rose up from the stones and flewinto the sky

between the swaying columns Mark Escher the young man blown out to the church byBach has just moved to harlem he often goes to listen to the churchorgan as this is the best way to get rid of abad mood a some he often has such moods he lives in lodgings alone far away from the city of Hama where hespent his youth he's far away from his

Ojal Que Llueva Caf

Wait! I want coffee! I hope that it rains coffee on the countryside Let there be a heavy rain of cassava roots and tea Let a drizzle of white cheese fall from the sky And to the South a mountain of pepper grass and honey Oh, oh, ohohoh, I hope it will rain coffee Oh, I hope it will rain coffee To smooth a high hill made of wheat and yam

To go down a hill of rice And to keep on plowing the land with your love Oh, oh, ohohoh, I hope it will rain coffee I hope it rains coffee.

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