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Where Is Norman Island Bvi

Sailing in the British Virgin Islands Leg 1 May 2012

Hi Desiree, how much was this coffeeé 4 Euros and 20 cents! Come on, take a 1 Euro worth sip!Only 1 Euroé Or 80 Centsé How is ité We should let it breathe like for the wine! Maybe it gets better! Sexé Often! Hi Desiree, where are we hereé

We are in St. Martin's airport andwe are waiting for our lagguage. And who is here with usé Bo!Super Bo! And the MMs!Please show the MMs! Baylies and Vodka! Here is what we shopped.The alcohol we have! Hi Bo, what are you eatingéI'm preparing a banana split sandwich. IngredientséBanana, bread and. Nutella! Desi would you pleasepass the Nutellaé

Estimated caloriesé2500! Buon appetito!Enjoy! First aperitif of our holiday! Yes because the serious sailors have a serious GinTonic beforeraising the anchor! Look at the color.Really opaque! Marco is bringing usout of the marina. Can you read the depth thereé

We are about to exit!Past those two last buoys We are free.Good bye Anse Marcel! And the holiday. goes on! The rainbow. Here we are afterour night passage. Desi, how many hours did youspend on watché Enough out here! What are you talking aboutéAre you kidding meé

Without my help we couldn'thave made it! Right!Right! Look, land in sight! WhereéThere! Hi Marco, how is it goingé Good!We are an happy bunch. A bit tired. We got a lot of rain.We were hit by a squall. What is a squalléIt's a lot of sudden rain and wind

we had 30 knots of wind so wehad to lower everything quickly We are at Round Rock Passage On the starboard side wewill go along Virgin Gorda And on the port side isGinger Island, so I am told. Let's see who is doingthe dishes today. Guess it!Come on, tell the truth. Ladies and gentlementhis is your skipper. Today I have been forcedto do the dishes!

Sailing in the British Virgin Islands Leg 4 May 2012

Go Desi, show us the quot;Vquot;! We are risking the collisionwith that catamaran. The catamaran shouldavoid hitting us! Show us the quot;Vquot;on the telltales.There it is! Great! Shouldn't we tackéDesi calls the tack. Bo, so the next time arecoming again with us oron a motor boaté Next time car.A 4WD.

Or a motorhomeéNo, a car! Ready to tackéNo, not yet! No yetéLet's wait until we areashore then! I am the captain andI decide on the tack! So let's wait untilwe are ashore! Luff because you are. Bo I am hungry!Tell it to the dog then.Italian joke, sorry! Luff!Let's see if that guy isgoing to hit us.

Those who do not know howto sail are motoring on sucha day! Also those who do notknow how to sail areindeed sailing! They understood it doesn'tmake sense to waste timetacking, so they motor. Hi Desi, where arewe hereé Here we are inPelican Island. In front of you are thethree. uhm, four Indians. We are close to Norton Island,famous because it inspiredthe book Treasure Island. The book Treasure Island.By. Stevenson!

It is wonderful here!Hi Desi, where are we hereé We are at The Caves,in Norman Island.Fantastic! Here is where there isthe treasure we shouldtry to find! So there is a treasureéYes!And where is ité I don't know! Really gorgeous! Here we are for a newepisode of Bo'sfantastic appetizers! Bo what are youpreparing todayé

Let's see.Bruschetta with oregano,oil and salt and three with Tabasco sauce. Slices of salame withhazelnut.Mmmm! And I was thinking ofsome tigelle. no, someminipiadine pizzastyle with tomato, cheeseand oregano. Great!Ciao! Cheers! Only slightly alcoholic.Is it goodé

Look, we have three gueststo our aperitif. They are waiting to getsomething to eat. That they won't get. Desi, say hello!Really good.Thank you Bo! Bo, say hello!You are welcome.Ciao! Guys look at thiswonderful sunset. Italian wordplay.

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