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Wonder Woman Bvs

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Oh, shit. Why did you bring him back to the cityé The port is abandoned. And there's a weapon here that can kill it. Did you find the spearé I've been a little busy. This thing, this creature. .seems to feed on energy.

This thing is from another world. My world. I've killed things from other worlds before. She with youé I thought she was with you.

Justice League 2017 Wonder Woman Suicide Squad Batman v Superman FANS vs CRITICS

Is there still a bias in the media and the industry, the Hollywood movie industry, when it comes to the DCEUé Yes, I still believe that there is. HOWEVER, as I reexamined the situation, to make sure that I still wanted to push this position it came to my attention that

to counteract that very strong media and industry bias a fan bias has emerged!.

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