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Bacterial Vaginosis Essential Oil

How to Make Essential Oil Suppositories

I'm Dee Dee Delkamp of the Optimal HealthCenter and today we're going to talk about essential oils and the use of essential oilsin the therapeutic aidsthe treatment of the colon. How this came about is, we started to useessential oils here at the Center for a variety of reasons. It has been scientifically proventhat the colon is a highly absorbable point for therapeutic agents; it absorbs thingsvery readily. Therefore, we decided to use essential oilsthe colon for therapeuticreasons. One of the ways I started using oils is insuppositories. I use this ice cube tray, one

that I found at a local grocery store. Somepeople have had problems finding them so I do help people find these, or we might havethem here at the center also. It's a nice rounded opening and it pops things out reallyeasily. I use coconut oil with the trays to make thesuppositories, as well as a blend of essential oils. Today I'm using peppermint and chamomile. The suppository is more readily and quicklyabsorbed into the colon; so you can insert a suppository of coconut oil and essentialoils for just about any ailment. Essential oils can be used for a variety of differentthings and it will absorb very quickly and

efficientlythe colon, sometimes even betterthanthe digestive system. Some people have a very compromised digestive system,so when they take a pill the digestive system might not be as effective because it's notworking correctly. It might have to fight to absorb it into the body efficiently. Therefore,this can be a more efficient way of dispensing that treatment. So what I use is a rounded ice cube tray;we do have these at the center. They're very nice because you can just pop that suppositoryout when you are finished with it. How I start is, I use melted coconut oil.For example this is extravirgin, unrefined,

organic coconut oil. In the cooler monthsit is solid, so you might want to run it under hot water to get it melted. You will needit melted to start. The first thing we're going to do is pourthat ice cube section halfway full of coconut oil. After we've done that we're going toput itthe freezer for a couple of hours, half full. After a couple of hours are going to removethe ice cube tray. It is half full of coconut oil right now. We're going to place our essentialoil ops into the top of that coconut oil section. Between two and five ops per oilis what I use; sometimes I might mix these

individually for a person so they might havefive different oilstheir mixture, allone bottle. Today I am using the peppermint and the chamomile.I use this to quite often for constipation, they work very well. People have been usingsmaller versions of this chilen and it seems to work out very well also. So once I have the essential oil on top ofthe frozen coconut oil I will then fill up the section with the rest of the coconut oil.You can make a variety of these ahead of time; you can fill your entire ice cube tray soit's ready to go for each day you want to

use a suppository. Put thatthe freezer for a couple morehours and then when you take your ice cube tray out the suppository will be completelysolid. You just pop it out and it's got a very nice rounded edge which is selflubriingbecause as soon as it touches a warm part of your body it begins to melt. It's veryeasy to insert, goesthe rectum very well. You just slide it rightthere. It startsto melt pretty quickly inside the body; you don't really notice it. Then the essentialoils start to absorb into the colon walls very readily and quickly.

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