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Natural Vagina Tightening Home Remedies II II

Welcome to health care at home Today i will tell you how you can tight your vagina. First of all the main reason for loosen vagina is MOTHERHOOD There is rapid expansion of vaginal or uterine wall during labour pain. due to this it becomes loose So how to tight it. Although its also observe that too much of sex also makes vagina loose. Since few women has habits of masturbation with this also their vagina become loose. But how you can tight it back . For this i am telling you a very easy and quick remedy.

Take almost 810 betel leaves , easily availablethe market. Manually crush them boil them into 12 litre of water. Post boiling strain it and once its Luke warm then either put cotton ball or tampon dipit. let it dip nicely and then insert either cotton ball or tampon into your vagina. After this lay down for 15 mins on your back support then remove it. Do this remedy for 7 days you will observe that your vagina is completely tight again. One more very quick , easy remedy is Mint leaves which is available at your home. Take Mint leaves and boil them into 12 litre of water.

Now pour this water into a big tub or bucker where you can sit inside along with some normal water. Once the water is Luke warm then you have to sitthis tub Sit for 15 mins , make sure your vagina is dipthis water With15 mins you will start feeling changes One more thing you can do is, Now a days steamers are easily availablethe market. Put some mint leavessteamer create its steam. and from some distance you can take that steam, Since vaginal skin is highly delie so maintain the distance, to avoid burn from steamer at any cost .

Take this steam for 1015 within this time you will start feeling changes . Along with one more easy remedy is ALOE VERA Now a days we all have aloe vera at home, take out its leave take out fresh gel Twice a time apply this gel on your vagina. If you will do this remedy for 3 months then not only vagina will be tight but your problem of vaginal itching will be solved too. And along with problem of vaginal yness will be solved3 months. One more easy remedy is GOOSEBERRY. Take out its juice ifseason.

Mix 12 of cup of gooseberry juice2 Mugs of water and then wash your vaginal area with this water Since gooseberry is full of vitamin C which gives strength to the muscles of pelvic floor. Since gooseberry is a seasonal fruit, if its notseasonal then take y gooseberry and boil itwater. Prepare the water wash out your intimateprivate part at the time of bath. Do this daily and within few weeks you will start getting changes. So, these were few remedies. There are some exercise , with their instant practice you can have instant tight vagina.

And can have strength too but that i will sharenext episode. Rest our wish is only that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us. And to meet us you have to subscribe this channel. Tell to your friends relatives To subscribe this channel. Get the health benefits by sitting at home support usour motive. Our motive is that maximum number of people should get health benefits at home. So, don't forget to share our tutorials as much as you can. Thank You….

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