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Bacterial Vaginosis Jacuzzi

Does Vaginal Swelling Come With Yeast Infections

Good day there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, authorof Candida Crusher. Here is another female FAQ. Does vaginal swelling come with yeast infectionsé Well, anything can happen to the vagina witha yeast infection. Because remember infections are what they are, infections. They can causeinflammation, redness, irritation, heat, immune malfunction. Women can often scratch the vaginalarea with a yeast infection and that can create the release of histamine and other chemicalsthat can simulate a strong immune response. And, of course, you can get swelling, inflammation,pain, redness, irritation; all these things

can occur as a result of a vaginal infection.So a swelling can come with a yeast infection. And ifdoubt, go and get it checked out.Get that area swabbed and tested and to see if the lab can culture any yeast off thesecells, and you may well have a Candida Albicans infection. Have a look at Chapter 5my book, CandidaCrusher. This will explain to youdetail how to get rid of this vaginal infection. So I trust that answers your questions. Thankyou.

Can I Get A Yeast Infection From Dirty Gym Equipment

Good day there, Eric Bakker, naturopath, authorof Candida Crusher with another question I get asked from time to time. Can I get a yeast infection from dirty gymequipmenté I've been getting a few of these quot;dirtyquot; questionslately. Can I get an infection from a dirty towelé Can I get an infection from a dirtytoilet seat or dirty gym equipment or dirty Jacuzzis or dirty whateveré I think it's important for you to look atthe fact that you need to understand it's not about ching illness from something.It's about building up your resistance so

you don't become susceptible to differentdiseases. There are always paranoid people that walk around not touching handles of doors,not willing to walk around airports or public placesfear of disease. So fear is nota good thing. People that have got strong, powerful, vibrant immune systems don't usuallyget sick. It's the weak people, the susceptible people that get sick. I often aw a line on a piece of paper whenI get a new patientand explain that we've got susceptibility on one side and we've gotresistance on the other. So when this seesaw becomes tipped, for example, once resistanceincreases susceptibility ops. And once susceptibility

increases resistance ops. And the littletriangle herethe middle, the fulcrum, I write the word �stress� on that triangle.And we've also got things that push the triangle one way or the other. So stress, for example,not sleeping enough, smoking and inking alcohol, arguing with people or being angry,these are all what I call health busters. And these things decrease your resistanceby increasing your susceptibility. They reduce your immune system's power. Health builders, on the other hand, are thingsyou do to nourish and build health. Eating good foods, getting enough sleep, being atpeace with yourself and other people, exercising,

inking pure water, breathing nice and slowlyand deeply, meditating, relaxing; these are all health building events that are goingto increase your resistance. So I think these are important concepts which I'd rather youlook at than livinga constant fear of ching some kind of disease. It's not agood thing. Medicine's full of fear. We're told if wedon't get injections and vaccines all the time or take ugs, we're going to get sick.So I tend to call this the sick building business. I can't see why they call it the health carebusiness. So you need to think carefully about those concepts. Taking ugs is not the answerto getting better. The answer'syour hand

by increasing your resistance and decreasingyour susceptibility. So don't livefear of ching disease.All righté So I hope that answers your question. What was your question againé Can I get aninfection from dirty gym equipmenté You potentially could but you wouldn't exerciseon equipment that's dirty that you would have a concern about anyway. And remember; don'tlivethe fear factor. It's not a good way to live when it comes to your health. You can read a lot moremy book, CandidaCrusher, about these concepts. So get yourself a copy and have a look there. In the seventhchapter, particularly, there's a good section

on that point I'm trying to make. Thank you.

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