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Bacterial Vaginosis Kits


(gentle music) Laci Oh hi, everyone! Throughout the last ten years I've had so many vaginal issues that I'm basically a certified hacker now. (ding) Before I get started sharingsome ancient remedies and twenty first century lifesavers

just a little reminder. I'm gonna be talking aboutvaginal infections and stuff and sometimes the symptoms ofthose are actually symptoms of things that are much more serious. So, yay, love your vagina and go to the when you need to. First step, when yeast getsa little outta control. Why yes, I am about to suggest

that you put garlicyour vagina. I know it sounds weird butit seriously works so well. Just pusha whole clove. Don't puncture it or will burn and change that baby every twelve hours. Usually within three to five days my yeast infections are gone. Yeah, it can leave a little bit of a smell

but who doesn't like garlic breadé The vagina's a pocket so it's not gonna get lost but if you're worried, you can tie some floss to it so that you can easily pull it out. For pain relief, I put plain yogurt twith live active cultures into the fingers of a latexglove and then freeze it.

Look for yogurt with theleast amount of sugar that you can find 'cause yeast loves sugar and when you pull it outof the freezer you'll have these delightful,(mumbling) yogurt tampons. Pop oneovernight witha pad to ch the leakage. Next up, UTIs. I know, I know you've heardit before but seriously, hyation is so freaking important.

Try to be inking alittle water all day long. Second, secret weapon is DMannose. You can get this at a supplement store and I take two capsules three times a day for five days whileinking lots of water. Continue taking it a few days even after the symptoms have gone. I've also had good results withprobiotics for bladder pain

Caffeine loving Bacteria to Clean Caffeine polluted Waste Water

Caffeineloving Bacteria to Clean Caffeinepolluted Waste Water We are at the point now where we must find ways to deal with the consequences of our love affair with caffeine. Caffeine and methylxanthine come to us mostly by way of chocolate, sodas, energy inks, tea and coffee. Many of us are undeniably grateful for that. But these compounds have become a common pollutantwastewater and surface waters. Caffeine is toxic to a variety of organisms and can wreak havoc on ecosystems. It alters natural bacterial flora and inhibits the germination and growth of some plants. Fortunately, Barrick and his teams already have a solution.

They have created a strain of E. Coli bacteria, that is so addicted to caffeine that it dies without it. Scientists discovered a soil bacterium, Pseudomonas Putida that eats nothing but caffeine, quite a while ago. Starting from that discovery, the University of Texas and Iowa teams transferred genetic material from P. Putida to E. Coli. E. Coli is the darling of researchers because it is easy to work with, so they could coax it into removing caffeine from the environment. This discovery shows promise for a variety of beneficial appliions. The most obvious is that of decontaminating caffeinepolluted water. It could lead to costeffective bioproduction of mediion for asthma and other lung diseases. Byproducts from processing and brewing coffee beans are often richnutrients that can also be extracted.

Another appliion could be to help purify coffee waste. Interestedthe detailsé The study was publishedthe American Chemical Society journal, Synthetic Biology. The easiest way to find it is just to 'google it.' Now, with a clear conscience, will you continue indulging your caffeine habité Yesé Then keepmind: The facts are that caffeinecoffee has many effects. Most of them are healthymoderation, that is less than 300400 mg a day. There are certain people who should stay away from caffeine because of the risks that could possibly affect their health. These include minors, people with heart condition and caffeine intolerance, and pregnant women.

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