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Bacterial Vaginosis Nuvaring

LUBE 101

Intro Music Laci Green: Oh hey babes, let's talk about lube Lube is my favorite. Number one, top (pause) model. Uh, no. Top liquid (laughs) Lube is great it makes everything during sex feel better than it already felt It can soften your skin, reduce genital irritation and it can change the taste of oral If you want it to. I don't usually want it to. There are three main types of lube

Water, Oil and silicone based You can tell which it is by looking at the la oh (ops bottle) By looking at the (giggles) god (ops bottle) By looking at the label Now each of these types has pros and cons so here's the run down Water based lube is compatible with all the condoms, all the body parts, it's cheap it doesn't stain But it ies out the quickest Now if you're doing the sexy and your water based lube does y out

Instead of adding more lube, try adding more water to make this kind slippery again Silicone based lube is compatible with all the body parts, all the condoms And it lasts longer than water based lube It's actually my favorite Sillicone based lube is completely safe it does not get absorbed by the body It also doesn't stain although you may have to wash the sheets But let's be real, you probably had to do that any way It's also great for helping folks with chronic yness and genital pain

The downside is that it tends to be more expensive and you can't really find it on ug store shelves (shrugs) I haven't And it can't be used with silicone toys. It will definitely melt them. Because science Oil breaks condoms and it stains It can also trap bacteria inside your body which can cause yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis (Sarcasm) So you know just a lot of great things going on with oil based lube But it is okay with some hand to penis action Just make sure it doesn't getyour pee hole So the take away here is that not all lubes are created equally

And that goes not just for the type of lube, but also for the brand and specific formulation Commercial Lubes are typically um (makes tsking sound) How to say thisé shitty. My professional opinion is that too many lubes on the shelves are loaded up with a bunch of crap that causes problems And when I'm using lube, I just wanna have good sex. Not problems Here are things that you should look out foryour lube Glycerin! It'stons of lubes It acts like a sugaryour body. Which can cause yeast infections It gave me yeast infections for two years before I figured that one out.

(Sarcastically) Yay. Polyquaternium compounds. These are foundmany formulations of Astroglide as it turns out. and it's been found by the World Health Organization to increase HIV 1 repliion. Hmm Propylene Glycol, Parabens, Nonoxinal9 The ingredient party just goes on and on I'll put a linkthe description so you can read up The last thing to pay attention to, besides, you know, how it feels when you actually use it

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