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Bacterial Vaginosis Resistance

How to prevent the spread of resistant bacteria

SILENCE TRANQUIL MUSIC VOICEOVER:Bacteria can make you ill. Some bacteriaare resistant,which case treatment with antibioticshas a limited effect, to none at all. This can cause you to become very ill,and possibly even die. You can also carry bacteriawithout becoming immediately ill,which caseyou can still spread them.

The spread of resistant bacteriais dangerous, especially for peoplewith poor health. You can be contaminatedwith a resistant bacterium, for example, as a result ofadmission to a nursing home or , admission to a abroad,or through contact with farm animals. This is why proper hygiene,such as washing your hands, is important. If someone is contaminatedwith a resistant bacterium, it's important to become aware of thisas soon as possible

order to preventfurther spreading. This is why s enquire aboutpossible exposure to resistant bacteria, whether you have been treatedin other nursing homes or s,a foreign , or if you have hadany contact with farm animals. Everyone should be attentive to this,so we can minimise the risk.

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