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Bacterial Vaginosis Tx

Gut Instinct Lecture Featuring Joanna Wilson HerCare HD

Welcome everyone, I'm going to get started so that we actually have sometime at the end for some questions and answers. First of all welcome to everyone to Amarillo Diagnostic and our practice HerCare we've been here now for a year so we're hunkered down andfor the long haul. I am Joanna Wilson, I'm and internist. Andmy partner here is Frieda Toiler. She's anurse practitioner. We do women's health and internal medicine, so the practice is

internal medicine for women only, headtotoeonestop shopping and we also focus on menopausemanagement's and osteoporosis and things that happened and exclusively more often thanmen. So let's get started, first of all welcome to everyone, this is fantastic for me. It's a lot of work to do to give these talks that I do so having a full house and not having a small house. So we're going to talk today about

your belly and the importance and thebacteria that live inside it. So let's get started we arefact as humans ninetynine percentbacterial self as p.m. by investors as it hurtshad thought she says you see himI think I L and and the relationship between our right herein our bodies plays a role basically everything thathappens to us.

set let's explore the concept thatmutual is and this is that where you probably heard backhigh schoolbiology and it the interplay between the twospecies that had benefits to those species nowyou have that ten times more bacterial cells and humancells and between 380,000 species and that he remain inour intestines got 99 percent of those arianna rose me they can not be exposed to air orthey'll die and it also presents

some difficulties and Coltrane said inthe face here with an S because they are difficult togrow and any regular class said it select yourEnns had allowed us to obtain greaternutrients from our fears they help us develop sophistiedimmune systems any help us balance our emotions and ourcommission let's start at the beginning we are colonized by our mothers

so if we when we grow and leaders weresterile visit totally sterile environment andthat passage through the vaginal track is what colonizers s and the interestingly the that's not all bacteria that our mothers grew actually change during pregnancy inorder to grow bacteria that allowed s to metabolize the milk bit more about seal concern they mightsay

Blue Waffle Infection Pictures

the Internet is currently filled tooverflowing with photos of blue waffles disease this the journal infection isone that affects women and men that the name and description of the disease giveoff the impression that it's something that only affect women blue wafflespictures show many different aspects of the disease it's a sexually transmitteddisease that occurs for many reasons the main reason people contract this diseaseis by using nor being unsanitary during and after intercourse the photos on theInternet show what the disease can do if left untreated the most concerningphotos show men and women with welts all

over their bodies not just their privateareas the disease can affect different parts of the body though it is somethingyou will first noticedyour vagina or private areas its most commonwomenand therefore it is found most oftenthe vagina area pictures show what thedisease can look like so that those who wonder if they are suffering from theunfortunate disease can get an idea of what could be their issue the photos show the color of the diseaseit's a shade of purple blue that affect the labia cervix any out of a journalall this color comes from the

inflammation and the bacteriathevagina these photos are not pleasant they're out there for people to see whatthe disease looks like to help make a selfdiagnosis so that suffering is noto contact their medical professional immediately leave waffles diseasepictures are not for someone with a weak stomach the disease is not a pleasantonefact there is speculation that thedisease is not really a disease that a random occurrencesome women it'sdebatable depending on what people believe but the truth is that it doesaffect many people who are not careful

the only thing blue waffles pictures donot show is the fellow does that occursconjunction with the swollen bluecolor of a woman's vagina the idea is pungent and very bed it canbe noticed for mothers who was simply standing near you and the disease willnot go away on its ownfact it won't even go away over timeunless you receive mediion and medical attention your will know whether or not youhave this particular sexually transmitted disease simply by takinginto account your discharge colorthe

fells lil that occurs with it he or shewill then be able to prescribe something that will help you cure the disease sothat you can endure sufferingthe discomfort that comes with this disease blue waffles disease pictures can befound online but be warned that they are not pretty thank you so much for watching my tutorialplease subscribe my channel for more tutorials goodbye

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