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Weirdest eBay Items 1 GAME

There are some ridiculously weird itemson eBay, and Link is gonna guess how much they are. Let's talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good Mythical Morning! The great thing about eBay is that you don't have to be a smartbusiness person or craftsman to go on there and sell something. That's what the e is for: everybody bay. You just get on there and there are somerestrictions, but you can pretty much sell anything you want to. And there'ssome weird stuff on there, and we have

devised a gamewhich I will bepresenting an item to Link and then he will be guessing between two numbers,kinda quot;Price is Rightquot; style. If you get you're going to be guessingmost often the Buy It Now price, sometimes the winning bid, and sometimesthe starting bid if it was never available. No one ever actually bid on it. And I raise my awareness about the weirdest items on eBay,so you're welcome. And I'm gonna go through 10 of these.If you get 6 out of 10, you get a priiiiiize! Ooooh!

Link, are you ready to play… quot;Can YouGuess That Price On eBay for the Iteméquot; ♪ (Gameshow music) ♪ And the next contestant on Can You Guess That eBay… Item…with a Price… is Mr. Link Neal! Come on down! (Link making happy noises) (audience cheering sound effect) All right, welcome. Welcome. Thank you. Okay, uh… So great to be here. Yeah. Don't get too excited. Again,Link, if you get 6 out of 10 of these

right, you get a prize. Okay. Let's bringour producer slashcardturner girl, Stevie. Stevie will be back there and she will berevealing the correct price on these items. Look at this! Let's bring up the first item. Link, this is an adult baby logoVelcro diaper with insert. The key words… Whaté quot;Adult babyéquot; Adult… you know, people like to doadult baby things, like this for adults that like to ess up like babies. So it's an adult diaper.

That says quot;babyquot; on it. Yeah. From the item description: quot;I amcleaning out my stash of adult baby diaper outfits, diapers, and miscellaneousitems as I've collected too many over the years.quot; Quote, quot;The person wearing itwill feel just like a big baby.quot; One thing to note, too is Sounds valuable. it's kinda thick and it'll make youwaddle a bit while wearing it, which is a constant reminder of your diaperedstate. Okay, so I want you to guess. So that is a man's thighsé Eugh. I don't wanna think about that.

(Rhett) But I do want you to guess:what was the winning bid for this adult diaperé Was it$14.99 or $50.99é I certainly hope it's $14.99, Bob. All right, he says $14.99, and he is incorrect! (incorrect buzzer and audience sigh) Whaté Yes, this thing went for 51 dollars. 51 dollarsé And it was soldé Plus shipping. Oh yeah, somebody who was really intoadult diapers. Baby diapers. Ooh, there's… eugh. Okay, Link. Moving on to the

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