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Do I Have Chlamydia Symptoms of Chlamydia

Hi, my name is PRESENTER NAME. I'm PRESENTERROLE. Welcome to quot;Signs and Symptoms of Chlamydia.quot; Chlamydia is a common sexually transmittedinfection. Chlamydia usually has no symptoms, can leave a woman unable to havechilen, and can be passed from the mother to child during vaginal childbirth.Having an active sexually transmitted infection such as chlamydia increases the risk you willget HIV or give it to someone else. HIV is incurable and can be fatal. Fortunately, chlamydiacan be diagnosed with a test and cured with antibiotics.You can have chlamydia without knowing it. If you think you may have been exposed toor infected with any sexually transmitted

infection, see a and get tested whetheror not you have any symptoms. All pregnant womenshould be checked for chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, and other sexually transmittedinfections. How Is Chlamydia TransmittedéChlamydia is transmitted by vaginal, oral or anal sexual contact. Chlamydia can alsobe transmitted from mother to child during vaginaldelivery. Signs and Symptoms of ChlamydiaChlamydia usually has no symptoms. If you have symptoms, they usually appear one tothree weeks after infection.

When a woman has a chlamydia infection inher vagina, symptoms may include: * abnormal vaginal discharge* quot;a burning sensation when urinatingquot; * quot;lower abdominal painquot;* quot;low back painquot; * quot;nauseaquot;* quot;feverquot; * quot;pain duringquot; sex* quot;bleeding between menstrual periodsquot; When a man has a chlamydia infection, hissymptoms may include: * abnormal discharge from his penis* quot;burning sensation when urinatingquot; * quot;burning and itching around the openingof the penisquot;

* rarely, quot;pain and swellingthe testiclesquot;If the penis is put into a person's anus during intercourse, that person may get achlamydia quot;infectionthe rectum, which can cause rectal pain, fluid discharge, orbleeding.quot; Men or women who perform oral sex on an infectedpartner may get a chlamydia infectiontheir throat.Effects of Untreated ChlamydiaWomen When not treated, chlamydia can cause a womanto develop: * pelvic inflammatory disease* quot;permanent damage to the fallopian tubes, uterus, and surrounding tissuesquot;* quot;chronic pelvic painquot;

* quot;infertilityquot; (inability to have a baby)* ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus) which can be fatalIf a woman is infected multiple times with chlamydia, her risk of serious compliions,including infertility (not being able to have a baby), increases.ChlamydiaPregnant Women If you are a woman who is pregnant or whomay become pregnant, it is important that you be tested for chlamydia. The United StatesCenters for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all pregnant womenbe tested for chlamydia and other sexually transmitted infections includingHIV, syphilis, and Hepatitis B and that

pregnant women who are at risk for gonorrheaor live where it is common be tested for gonorrhea. The World Health Organization recommendsthat all pregnant women be tested for HIV and syphilis and checked forsymptoms of other sexually transmitted infections.If you are pregnant, have chlamydia, and don't get treated, your baby may have problemsincluding: * premature delivery* infections of the eyes and lungs * pneumoniaBy getting tested for chlamydia and treated if you need it, you can protect your ownhealth and your baby's health too. So if you

Providing Reliable Electricity Through Innovation

Dave Rehn: Behind me you see the final phasesof construction of an 800 megawatt gas fired electric generation facility. This plant willbe able to generate enough electricity to supply about 50 percent of the populationof the city of Calgary. That will greatly improve the reliability and provide for alongterm stable energy source for the citizens of Calgary. We started thinking about this project backin 2007. We had to go through a lengthy permitting process, select our technology, our majorequipment, and then ultimately pick someone to both design it and build it. We're verypleased that we were able to select Black

Veatch and Kiewit to come together, to partnerand provide the engineering, the procurement, and the construction services necessary tomake this plant successful. Bruce Van Heest: Overall the project teamhas developed a really good working relationship with ENMAX. And it's now to the point wherethey're depending on us for solutions…the project is an advanced technology combustionturbine project, the first one to be builtCanada, and we brought that technologyhere. We had done projects similarthe states and that was one of the reasons whyENMAX wanted to be involved with us because we could show them that we had done it previously.Black Veatch had put together ten of these

combustion turbines previously, more thananybody else. Dave Rehn: We are going through a phase wherethe existing coal fired facilities will be retired over the course of the next 15 years.That represents over 60 percent of our generation herethe province today. So plants likeShepard are a good first startreplacing that coal fired generation. Bruce Van Heest: It's the energy that'sbeing built here at the generating plant is going to be more efficient than the previousone so it will affect their utility ratesthe right direction, and also the factthat we're using recycled water from their

treatment plant; we're not using volumesof potable water or water that they could be using for something else. Dave Rehn: Black Veatch has been outstandingin its engineering and procurement phases. All of that has led to this project beingon schedule and on budget. So for a project of this size that is very, very importantto ENMAX. Bruce Van Heest: And that was a real plusto a new client and to a new country.

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