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Creating a Healthier River Thames

Nick Fawcet: Mogden Sewage Treatment Workswas builtthe 1930s and it served a population at that time of just under a million people.Since that time the population of London has increased rapidly and Mogden now serves apopulation of around 2 million people. The project was needed because the sewage cominginto the works exceeded the treatment capacity, and therefore, we were getting storm dischargesdirectly into the River Thames. Mark Allan: Mogden is about the third largestsewage treatment worksthe UK. It handles flows of approximately 6 cubic meters persecond. Thames Water had a regulatory obligation to provide increased treatment capacity andalso to an improved standard. By constructing

the new part of the Modgen Treatment Works,we've helped them do exactly that. Nick Fawcet: The main objective is reducingsignificantly the amount of storm sewage that's going into the River Thames, thus improvingthe water quality and enhancing the aquatic environment for fish and other species. Italso provides a general amenity benefit as well to the local communities of those peopleparticularly who work and use the river for leisure. Mark Allan: Providing innovative solutionswas a key part of our offering to Thames Water and here we're standing on top of the aerationlanes, and that's probably a key area to

identify one of the main innovations thatwe brought forward. We have the latestfine air bubble diffusers installed here poweredby the latest technology frictionfree blowers. Looking at reducing the carbon footprint hereat Mogden, I think one of the biggest innovations that we brought forward into the project wasthe replacement of a 12 meter high concrete reinforced retaining wall with a 12 meterhigh earth retaining wall. Thatitself saved some 2,300 cubic meters of carbon, afantastic saving for the project. Nick Fawcet: When you come to the end of alarge project like this, it's always good to reflect on how things have. This projectin particular at Mogden, it being the first

of the very large upgrades that we had toachieve, it's a real sense of pridebeing able to not just deliver a project, but deliverit well, deliver it on time, involve the local community, enhance the natural environmentand the local environment as well. And I think the enduring sort of memory for me aroundthis project is really going to be about the team working, it's going to be about a projectthat was a big challenge, but something that we worked together on and we achieved a great,great result.

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