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BV Water Treatment Uk

LongTerm Security and Quality of Water Ensured In North East Wales

The existing works at Llwyn Onn were builtin the 1940's so the plant was nearing the end of its natural working life. It's a technicallydemanding jobthat we had to build very deep structures close to existing and agingassets. During that period we had to make sure we had no breaksservice or watersupply and cause no contamination whatsoever. Black Veatch implemented 3D building designso were able to sit down and walk through before even the foundations were constructed.Dee valley water had several goals for the project security of supply, water quality,and cost certainty. Dee Valley had one additional treatment process that had to be incorporatedinto the new build. Which was the removal

of manganese. That was the primary water qualitygoal. We cameon budget, we cameon time with the quality of the work. And thequality of the works is extremely high. Black Veatch's has had attendancethe chmentarea of Dee Valley for over 40 years now. Dee Valley Water now has a safe, secure watersupply for Wrexham and surrounding areas for the next 60 years. We are proud of what we'vegot here at Llwyn Onn and it is the flagship works for Dee Valley Water.

Water Industry Report UK Balancing Water Efficiency Customer Cost 2016

THERE ARE PARTS ENGLAND THAT NOW HAVE LESSWATER AVAILABLE PER PERSON THAN SUDAN OR SYRIA. THAT'S WHY UK WATER LEADERS ARE ACTIVELYEMBRACING THE USE OF DATA IN WATER MANAGEMENT TO BETTER UNDERSTAND CONSUMPTION PATTERNS,HOW THEIR ASSETS ARE PERFORMING AND TO PLAN FOR THE FUTURE. Now, more than ever before, they can use data,they can store data much cheaper than they've ever been able to do before, and they canbring the power of data analytics to help them get ahead of the curve, to help themcreate that window of opportunity where they're not reacting to events, but they're actuallybeing proactive.

MANY UTILITIES FACE A COMMON CHALLENGE: BUILDINGINFRASTRUCTURE THAT IS RESILIENT TO CLIMATE CHANGE, ASSET FAILURE, PEAK DEMANDS AND HUMANINTERACTION – ALL WHILE BEING AFFORDABLE TO CUSTOMERS. SMART WATER PROGRAMMES COMBINE INTELLIGENTINFRASTRUCTURE WITH DATA, GIVING WATER COMPANIES THE ABILITY TO ASSESS IN GREATER DETAIL THECAPACITY AND RESILIENCE OF THEIR ASSETS. There's some real advantages and opportunitiesin terms of using intelligent instrumentation that's availablethe market, taking advantageof the much lower cost of data historians now, and critically being able to take advantageof the power of data analytics such that you

can optimize and understand asset performanceand be able to predict that into the future as well such that you can then do somethingabout the challenges.

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