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Fishy Odor

Does A Yeast Infection Have A Fishy Smell

Good day, Eric Bakker, naturopath with anotherfrequently asked question regarding yeast infection. Does a yeast infection have a fishy smellé Not really. You shouldn't have a fish brinysort of vaginal sort of smell with a yeast infection. A yeast infection smell is moreof a musty sort of smell. It can be a cheesy discharge and a lot of itch. When I think of a fish smell, I'm thinkingmore about bacterial vaginosis, which tends to have a different type of watery, profuse,gray sort of discharge with that fish brine

smell. So you should not really have a fishysmell with a Candida infection. But you can have a strong odor, though, which may be misconstruedas a fish smell, but not really. So I hope that answers your question. My book explains quite a lot about this wholething, andChapter 3, you can read about the diagnosing, testing, and identifying ofyeast infections. There's a whole section on the different types of vaginal afflictions,including inflammations and conditions affecting the vagina. You can read all about those,Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Candida, Bacterial Vaginosis, and I explain all the signs andsymptoms, what you're likely to experience,

if there's any discharge, the odor, what kindof itch you're likely to get, it's allthe book. So you can read a lot more aboutthatCandida Crusher. Hope that answers your question. Thank you.

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