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Gooey White Vaginal Discharge

Cervical Mucus Creamy But Stretchy

What does it mean when cervical mucus is creamybut stretchyé When you are ovulating, the cervical mucusis watery, clear and very stretchy. I know. That's what you are looking forwhen you want to know you are ovulating. The cervical mucus is normally thick, gooey,white and sticky. That's the normal state. Remember that your body really does not haveon off switches. You'll see cervical mucus creamy but stretchy as the estrogen levelsrise before ovulation. So this is what I will see if I'm goingto ovulatea day or two.

Yes, unless you have thick discharge due tosomething else, at which point you'll have thicker, lighter but still stretchy dischargewhile ovulating. The only thing worse than an social disease,is pregnancy on top of it. But an untreated STD while pregnant can createall kinds of compliions, so you'll need to get treatment for that before you get pregnant. And not have sex while I have the sexuallytransmitted disease. Technically, life is sexually transmitted. What else can cause this type of cervicalmucusé

After you've ovulated, the cervical mucusswitches from thin, watery and flowing to creamy and stretchy until it is back to thenormal consistency. So I can see cervical mucus creamy but stretchyboth before and after ovulation. If you did not see the obviously liquid andclear mucus to give sperm an easy way in, you need to use ovulation tests to see thatyou are ovulating. What happens if I get pregnanté You'll see the normal white, thick and gooeycervical mucus up to the point when the egg implants. It is kind of like an egg white,due to the high estrogen levels.

I'd consider the morning sickness the pregnancycan cause a surer sign of pregnancy. True, but if you're pregnant, the whitedischarge will last longer than the normal time period. Of course it does, because my period won'tinterrupt it. Yeah, having your period is a pretty obvioussign I'm not pregnant. Could that consistency mean I'm pregnanté If you did get pregnant, you might see a fewops of blood mixedwith creamy but semiclear mucus.

Or it might just be a little orange from thered mixed with white. It really is easier to use an early pregnancytest and be sure, as long as you do not test too soon to get accurate results. That's why they sell pregnancy tests inbatches of five and ten, and why people study cervical mucus instead of buying tests bythe pound.

My Cervical Mucus is Like School Glue

My cervical mucus is like school glue. Whatdoes that mean, and do I need to worry about ité Your cervical mucus is usually sticky, gooeyand white. This is more than a little like that. If it is gummy or sticky like school glue,we'll just say you are not fertile. What would indie fertilityé If it is shifting from the normal thick, whiteand gooey to creamy like lotion, you're shifting to your fertile stage.

Meaning about to ovulate. When cervical mucus is clear, watery and slipperlike egg whites, you are at your most fertile. It takes on that consistency to let the spermin. After that point, it starts to shift backto white, sticky and gooey. It becomes even more glue like and crumbly right before yourperiod. I've heard the cervical fluid ies up. We'll say it just decreases a lot, thoughit can y out like that if you are very dehyated or taking a decongestant.

I've never heard of that as a side effectof decongestants. Normally, a woman sick enough to need thoseis not feeling like having sex, much less checking her cervical mucus for fertilitysigns. So a normal white cervical mucus could becomeglue like if I was taking decongestants or dehyated, even if it is not right beforemy period. We'll just say that if the cervical mucusis white or light yellow with tiny clumps like ied paste or wet glue, you're reallyinfertile, as you would be if it was just white and tacky.

It feels really weird to be talking aboutthis. If it felt like crumbling play dough pieces,y and pasty, you'd know you werean infertile phase. I hated the way it looked on my underwear. The infertile phase cervical mucus can looklike ied out white spots that sit on the underwear, instead of the watery fertilityphase stuff that seeps straight into the underwear. The only thing I'm used to monitoring myunderwear for is period blood. Now you know that the infertile period mucuscan leave a similar white crust, but it is

about as hard to wash out as the blood. The only difference is that it cannot leakthrough to leave a distinctive splotch on my pants. If it is white and sticky and starts to shiftto pink or brown discharge, you do know your period is about to start. Well, I won't miss the distinctive red spotthat indies when it has started.

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