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Persistant Vaginal Itching

I Have 50 Orgasms A Day

00:06COMM: Most women could only eam of a multiple orgasm but for Amanda Gryce, it's a livingnightmare. The 22 year old suffers from a rare condition which means she has fifty uncontrollableorgasms every day, which can happen any time and anywhere. 00:20LAURENTIU: Do you need a momenté AMANDA: Sorry. 00:24AMANDA: Instead of being a beautiful thing like it's supposed to be, it would start becomingmore of a nuisance.

00:36COMM: There is currently no medical explanation, or cure, so Amanda has to keep active throughyoga or the gym, just to find relief. 00:45COMM: Amanda has had her life turned upside down by the condition, called Persistent SexualArousal Synome. 00:52AMANDA: Pleasure is supposed to be a good thing but when you have it for too long it'slike eating a lot of candy, something that's really good, makes you really happy but, thenyou start getting sick from it because you had so much.

01:08AMANDA: And usually at this point I'd be crying right now. 01:12COMM: Her orgasms, or quot;ticksquot; can be triggered by the smallest vibration ever from a carjourney. 01:18AMANDA: quot;Exactly.quot; FRIEND: quot;So the vibrations going through thecar, just from the roadéquot; AMANDA: quot;It's uh, I can feel it um.onsettingmy ticks.quot; 01:31COMM: Amanda's unusual condition developed

when she was just eight years old, and itbecame so bad she even considered suicide. But it is only recently that she's had thecourage to talk to her family. Including older sister Crystal. 01:43CRYSTAL: Makes me sad. To know that she would want to kill herself because of this. 01:53COMM: Amandas has been to four s but was dismayed when none had heard of the condition.Today she's visiting sex therapist Crystal Hollenbeck to try and get more information.

02:04AMANDA: You're the first person that I know of, that I've been contactthe area, thathas any knowledge of this so I'm just looking to get a little bit more information. 02:13CRYSTAL: My recommendation with you would just be to continue seeking medical treatment.Continue with counselling, hopefully you'll then continue to get some symptom relief andlearn how to manage the symptoms more than it overwhelming you everyday. 02:27CRYSTAL: Enjoy your day.

AMANDA: You too.AMANDA: I'm very much excited, I can now process moving forward to the next step and that isfinding medical treatment and help for my disorder. 02:40COMM: Amanda has taken her search for answers online where she's been able to discuss hercondition with people all over the world. 02:46AMANDA: I won't stop speaking and raising awareness on this until something is doneabout it, and until uh, it's taken seriously, not onlymy country but uh, by the entireworld.

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