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Vaginal Discharge After Age 65

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The Problem with Discharge The Patient Eduors Update Ep 34

Hello and welcome to the Patient EduorsUpdate where we talk about patient eduiona al environment. I am Chuck Joneswith Synergy Broadcast and I want to welcome our guest, Fran London.Hi Fran. Fran: Hi Chuck. Chuck: Fran is the Patient Eduion Specialistat Phoenix Chilen's Phoenix, Arizona. She's also theauthor of the book, quot;No Time to Teach: the Essence of Patientand Family Eduiona Health Care Environment.quot; This book wasvoted the quot;Book of

the Yearquot;2010 by the American Journalof Nursing and it is a practical guide to having effective patienteduion results with your patient population. We normally take our topics out of Fran'sbook but we're going to move away from that this time. We're goingto go for another article that we found. We're kind of on aroll with articles we've found the last couple of episodes. Fran, I don't have a title for this article.It didn't print

properly. But I'm going to call it the problemwith discharge instructions. As you know, we've talked aboutthata couple of episodes but this is quot;new research.quot; Thenew research reveals that s need clearer, well designeddischarge for older patients, noting that patient satisfactionwith the discharge process doesn't indie how well they actuallyunderstand. I don't think that's a surprise, is ité Fran: Who said it didé

Chuck: Yeah. Basically what they did was talkto 400 patients age 65 and older. They compared their conversationswith what was writtentheir chart to see basically whatthe patients understood. Less than 60% marginally couldaccurately describe their diagnosis. They also found that thedischarge instructions included 99 different reasons for izationwith over 26% that were not comprehensible to patients.The example they used was myocardial infarction instead of heartattack.

Here's another stunning statement. They discoveredthat the discharge process is often rushed and abrupt. They saidas many as 30% of patients had less than one day's warning thatthey were going to be discharged and 40% didn't understand thereason why they were even admitted to the the firstplace. That's also something we've talked about. Now, the most stunning thing to me out ofthis came from the recommendations. After I mention this I'llshut up and let you

talk. They recommended, after doing this research,that s should establish a discharge teamthat includes geriatric s, advance practice nursesand pharmacists, and promote equal information sharing amongphysicians, the discharge team, the outpatient primary medicalhome, the home care provider, the patient and their family,and care givers. And that s should treat dischargeas a transitional process, not an isolated event, that beginswith the decision to

Discharge Male Penis Perineal Wash PostCare Basic Center

Once each day, or according to your 'sinstructions, you will need to clean the urethral meatus the opening where the heter enters the body. The procedure to do this is as follows.Wash and y your hands. Discard the paper towel into the trash.On a tray covered with paper towels, assemble the following equipment: * a pair of disposable gloves* a bed protector * a sealable plastic storage bag* a basin of warm water with a pump of liquid soapit* (2) clean washcloths and a clean hand towel.

* Place the equipment tray on a stable surfaceadjacent to the bed. Remove the bed covers, but keep the patientwarm with a blanket. Wash and y your hands.Put on your disposable gloves. Place the bed protector under the patient'sthighs to keep the bed y. Over your dominant hand, fold a washclothinto a mitt and squeeze itthe warm soapy water. Patient EduionWith the other hand, gently grasp the penis, pull the foreskin back if uncircumcised,and with the warm, soapy mitt clean the glans or head of the penis.Squeeze the mittthe warm, soapy water

and then wash the first 4 inches of the heterwithout pulling on it. Discard the mitt and y the penis and heterwith the clean towel. To make the patient more comfortable, theperineum and anus can now be cleaned. Use the second washcloth as a mitt, wash fromtop to bottom taking great care not to touch the previously washed areas and the heteror tubes. y the area carefully with the towel, againavoiding the previously washed areas. Remove the bed protector.Check that the heter and tubes are correctly placed.Remove your gloves and discard them into the

plastic storage bag. Replace the bed covers.Take the equipment tray into the bathroom, place the washcloths and towel into the washer,seal the plastic bag and discard it into the trash.Clean the basin, which held the warm soapy water and y it with a paper towel.Wash and y the bed protector. Wash and y your hands.

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