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Vaginal Discharge And Cramps

What Kind of Discharge Do You Have During Pregnancy

What kind of discharge do you have duringpregnancyé It's like a waterfall. Excuse meé Vaginal discharge is normal for all women,and it just gets worse during pregnancy. It's embarrassing. So wear absorbent pads so it doesn't affectyour clothes. You can use the same pads you do when you are having your period. I noticed spotting around the time I conceived,though it wasn't nearly as much as a period.

And you probably saw white discharge afteryou conceived. I was worried it might be an STD. If you think you have an STD, you need toget treated now so that it doesn't adversely affect the baby. There are horrifying Googleimages of birth defects caused by sexually transmitted diseases. I'm already paranoid about the baby. I don'teven want to dye my hair, paint my nails or do anything else. Brown discharge sometimes happens, especiallyafter minor vaginal tears after sex. However,

if you see bright red blood, you need to seea . Because I'm miscarrying. Or the placenta is separating, or you haveplacenta previa. Or you'relabor, early or not. What if it is another color like yellow orgreené You might have a yeast infection or STD. Pregnantwomen, especially those with high blood sugar, are at risk of horrible yeast infections. And what if it is clearé

It might be normal discharge, or you mightbe losing amniotic fluid. Ifdoubt, you need to get tested. Very much so. What if it is a big globé Then you might have lost the mucus plug, andthen you need to see the because it's a sign of labor. How do you know all thisé Believe me, I have seen it all.

Signs You Are Pregnant Even With Your Period

I want to know the signs you are pregnanteven with your period. If your period is lighter than normal, itmay not be your period. I've heard that women could have spottingwhen the embryo implants. Yes, but that's usually so little that theops of blood mixed with the normal mucus means a lot of women do not listen. That sounds disgusting, but I may be pukedon, peed on and pooped on regularlythe near future, so it should not be. Another sign you are pregnant even with yourperiod is that your period is lighter. Some

women have light spotting because the bodysheds a little of the old uterine lining even though there is an implantation. I'm assuming this is notreference toan early miscarriage. No, a little spotting is not an early miscarriage.However, a late heavy period means you were pregnant. I'm hoping to get pregnant and stay pregnant. One sign you are pregnant even with your periodis if you continue to suffer from food aversions and morning sickness.

Or you ate your boyfriend's cooking andare still suffering from it, though the stress did not prevent your period from hitting. If you are pregnant, the morning sicknesswill continue even after the lighter period. Just what I need, leaking from both ends. If you're pregnant, the kid will manageto leak from both ends. What are other signs I'm pregnant despitemy periodé If you continue to have stomach pain afterthe period because the uterus is expanding, that's a fair sign you are pregnant.

Cramps after PMS would be a bummer. Stomach pains and a growing stomach is eithera record setting case of bloating or pregnancy. But I think I'm having my period. Your period should shut off when you are pregnant,though various forms of vaginal discharge and minor sprinkling of blood can happen. So you're thinking I should not have a fullperiod when pregnanté The menstrual cycle is intended to preparethe body for pregnancy, and that's not necessary once you are pregnant. But if you did conceiveand had a period, it means you are not pregnant

anymore. That's a miscarriage. On the flip side, you could have had a badstomach bug or a social disease that caused your period to be light or late, so you onlythought you were pregnant. I prefer the stomach bug that lasts nine monthsand lets me get a cute little baby at the end. As long as you realize the sheer amount ofwork at the end of the nine months to have the kid.

That's why it is called labor.

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