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Vaginal Discharge Egg White

Discharge before period White discharge before period

Discharge before period When you are about to start your period, sometimesthere is a lot of white discharge that builds up very unpleasantly. The white dischargebefore your period is actually a form of mucus that is naturally produced from the neck ofthe womb—scientifically called the cervix. The amount of white discharge will vary throughoutyour menstrual cycle and most pregnant women will get something that is known as a quot;pregnancydischargequot;. A healthy white discharge does not have astrong smell or color. There is the uncomfortable wetness, but you should not have any itchingor soreness around your vagina. If you are

experiencing those symptoms, then seek medicalhelp from your . Do I Have Normal or Abnormal Dischargeé Normal white discharge before period The white discharge before your period isactually completely normal and natural. The white discharge before your period is mainlyfrom the uterus and cervix, but is not a beginning of an infection. The white discharge thatyou are experiencing is only caused from congestion of your pelvis, which is why the white dischargeis really just mucus. A couple of days before your period, the process that leads to menstruationmay cause an initial leak of clear fluid;

this is not an infection, either. An excessivewhite or clear dischargethe middle of your period is quite common. Abnormal white discharge before period Typically, the vaginal discharge is normal,but there are some cases where the discharge can indie an infection. If your dischargeis not clear or white and it is really yellow or green, then you may have one of the followinginfections, or abnormal discharge: Yeast Infection A common infection that most women get aftersex, and sometimes randomly, is a yeast infection.

This is when the white discharge appears morelike cottage cheese. There are over the counter mediions that work just fine on this infectionand usually it is gonea week or less with proper treatment. Trichomoniasis: If the discharge has a smell like rotten eggsand is kind of frothy, then you more than likely have some kind of sexually transmitteddisease and need to get it taken care of immediately.

My Cervical Mucus NEVER Gets Egg White

My cervical mucus never gets egg white. While a lot of health websites say that'swhat you should look for to know it is your fertile time, it does not always look likethat. Why would not the cervical mucus look eggwhiteé If you are using an injectible contraceptivethat suppresses fertility, you won't ovulate, so the cervical mucus often won't take onthat consistency. I do not use that type of contraceptive. If your hormones are really out of whack dueto a thyroid problem, the egg white consistency

does not kickthen either. If I had a thyroid problem, I'd be askingfor advice about that, not this. The cervical mucus becomes clear, watery andslippery for about 24 hours during the fertile time. And I'm not seeing it. You may not be seeing it if you're not checkingoften enough. After all, from one morning to the next may be enough to miss it. And if I miss it, I will miss a fertile timeframe.

As if your husband will be upset about thesuggestion to have sex every night instead, to make sure you do not miss it. I'm more concerned it indies somethingis wrong. Your body shifts from thick, white and stickycervical mucus to clear, watery and slippery like an egg whiteresponse to the higherhormone levels around ovulation. Yeah, it turns on that other type. Your body doesn't have an on off switchlike that, though I'm sure there are women who wish it did. However, the day before andafter ovulation, it istransition.

That word has so many connotations these daysthat I do not like the sound of it. The cervical mucus will be kind of white,somewhat slippery and less sticky for the day before and after ovulation. It is oftendescribed as being like lotion. I've seen that type of cervical mucus. You'll see that type of cervical mucus aroundthe time you ovulate, and if you have an infection or another reason for the mucus productionto be high, that may be the only type you have. If I have an infection, I have a reason tosee a anyway.

The cervical mucus being like lotion couldlast for three days around the time you ovulate, since not all women develop that clear, eggwhite consistency. But that means I'm fertile somewhere inthere. Track your basal body temperature, and you'llknow when you ovulated because the temperature spikes the day after you ovulate. By which all measures is too late except toknow what to expect next month.

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