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Vaginal Discharge In The Elderly

Bacterial Vaginosis Overview

Bacterial vaginosis, or BV for short, is aninfection of the vagina that develops when the normal balance of vaginal bacteria isdisrupted. BV is the most common vaginal infectionwomen of childbearing age. Examples of activities that change the normalbacterial balance include douching, taking antibiotics, wearing an intrauterine deviceor IUD, and having unprotected sexual activity. BV is more commonsexually active womenthannonsexually active women, but it is not considered a sexually transmitted diseaseor STD. The main symptom of BV is a thin vaginal dischargethat appears grayish white and smells of fish,

especially after sexual activity. Other symptomsmay include burning when urinating, itching around the outside of the vagina, and irritation.These symptoms may also be caused by another type of infection, so it is important to seea . Many women with BV have no symptoms at all. BV is often diagnosed based on a pelvic examand symptoms, however certain tests can help confirm the diagnosis. BV will sometimes go away without treatment.Your healthcare provider may choose to treat it with antibiotics if your symptoms persist.

Symptoms Of Yeast Infection SymptomsOfYeastInfectionBiz

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How Should I Feel 8 Weeks Pregnant

How should I feel 8 weeks pregnanté It is normal to still feel nauseous, and that'soften for another few weeks. That feels like forever. For most women, it ends with the end of thefirst trimester. But if you're unlucky enough to have it last all nine months or be badenough to land youthe , odds are, you're having a girl. That is one gender determination method Idon't want to try out. At eight weeks pregnant, you may feel likeyour pants are getting tight, though if it

is the first pregnancy, that might not affectthings until the third month. It is around the third or fourth month thepregnancy sticks out past the pubic bone. You'll still feel bloated at this point, sincea lot of women retain fluids. I've heard of swollen ankles as a common symptomof pregnancy. You'll want to ink more water or anythingelse that hyates you, though that is hard since you tend to want caffeine and energyinks to get your energy level back. What makes women so tired at this phase ofthe pregnancyé Puking every morning can do it, as would beingdehyated due to puking. And then there's

just the expansion of the blood supply tosupport the baby while you feel ill just walking past the meat aisle. I heard of a girl puking when she heard theword kalamari. That is actually and literallyher head,though I can see why thinking of squid rings would make anyone who wasn't Japanese feelill. You realize a pohboy is a shrimp sandwich. It is common to feel ill whether you smellfish or red meat at this stage. That makes it really hard to get enough ironand protein.

You can make up for it by eating more nuts,soy based vegan Okay, now I am feeling ill. It is common to feel bloated due to constipation. I don't think I can take anything for that. You can take the same high fiber diet foodsthey give to old people with the same problem,addition to getting rehyated. I know dehyation can cause constipation. In the second and third trimester, you'remore likely to get gas and fart more, because

the hormones that relax various tendons causesthe digestive tract to relax too. I know you have to work on the kegel exercisesor something similar to keep the pelvic floor from weakening too much. No, the strain of pushing the baby out tendsto strain that, though kegel exercises will help you keep urinewhen you sneeze orstrain after delivery. That doesn't help me keep itnow. I know you're eating for a fraction of a personnow, but it feels like you're peeing for two people. But if you feel constant pressureeven after you pee or burning when you pee,

that's a urinary tract infection. And I can't take antibiotics. They can give you antibiotics for an infectionlike that, and will do soorder to prevent it from affecting your kidneys. And if youhave itching, burning and a bad smell down there, it is a yeast infection. That you can treat with over the counter stuff. True, but it is common at this point of thepregnancy due to the extra vaginal discharge. As if I need any other misery while waitingfor my bundle of joy.

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