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Vaginal Discharge Jelly Clear

Jelly Like Discharge During Pregnancy

As gross as it sounds, a jelly like dischargeduring pregnancy can be completely normal. It often means that you are beginning to expelthe mucus plug you have carried during your pregnancy. It can also just be another form of dischargethat your body is producing. When checking any discharge during pregnancy,color is one of the most important aspects. Most normal discharges will be clear or slightlymilkycolor. Sometimes discharges will comedifferent colors and these can becauses for concern. This is especially important if you are notclose to your due date at all.

If your discharge is red, pink, or brown youneed to contact a right away. These colors are signs of blood. Any amountof blood can be a sign of a much larger issue or of your impending labor. Your will likely want you to come inso that they can check you. This can also be a sign of going into early labor so beprepared for a stay. Green, yellow, or other gross colors can bea sign of infection. Any infectionyour reproductive systemcan spread fast to both you and your baby. This is something you need to tell your about immediately. Your will likely

want to check the discharge and swap you forfurther testing. If your determines that your dischargeis normal you can continue with your life as normal.If your discharge is making you uncomfortable wearing better breathing panties and thinpads can help keep your more comfortable. These small alterations can make the timespent with such a discharge more bearable. A jelly like discharge during pregnancy canbe scary, but is usually just a signal of impending labor. Checking the color can tell you if you needto contact your .

Keeping an eye on what your body producescan tell you a lot about your health and the health of your baby.

What Kind of Discharge Do You Have During Pregnancy

What kind of discharge do you have duringpregnancyé It's like a waterfall. Excuse meé Vaginal discharge is normal for all women,and it just gets worse during pregnancy. It's embarrassing. So wear absorbent pads so it doesn't affectyour clothes. You can use the same pads you do when you are having your period. I noticed spotting around the time I conceived,though it wasn't nearly as much as a period.

And you probably saw white discharge afteryou conceived. I was worried it might be an STD. If you think you have an STD, you need toget treated now so that it doesn't adversely affect the baby. There are horrifying Googleimages of birth defects caused by sexually transmitted diseases. I'm already paranoid about the baby. I don'teven want to dye my hair, paint my nails or do anything else. Brown discharge sometimes happens, especiallyafter minor vaginal tears after sex. However,

if you see bright red blood, you need to seea . Because I'm miscarrying. Or the placenta is separating, or you haveplacenta previa. Or you'relabor, early or not. What if it is another color like yellow orgreené You might have a yeast infection or STD. Pregnantwomen, especially those with high blood sugar, are at risk of horrible yeast infections. And what if it is clearé

It might be normal discharge, or you mightbe losing amniotic fluid. Ifdoubt, you need to get tested. Very much so. What if it is a big globé Then you might have lost the mucus plug, andthen you need to see the because it's a sign of labor. How do you know all thisé Believe me, I have seen it all.

My Cervical Mucus Looks Like Snot

Tell me why my cervical mucus looks like snot. I do not know why you are looking at it atall. It is supposed to be an easy way to determineyour fertility. True. When it is clear, watery and very slippery,that's when you are ovulating. It is supposed to transition to that formwhen you are ovulating because the higher hormone levels trigger it. The mucus is like raw egg white mucus youcan stretch an inch or two means at your most fertile. The watery type is second best, andthat's the type the day before and after

the fertile peak. My mucus is way thicker than that. It is normally white, thick and sticky. It is thick, white and sticky but has clumpsin it. The tacky cervical mucus is the least fertiletype. And clumps of it together means you'rean infertile period. The consistency seems different though. It normally gets thicker and a lot tackierwith a few clumped together pieces together

right before your period starts. And you mightnot normally be checking the cervical mucus at that point because a period would proveyou didn't conceive. I have a week or so before my period is due. It can get thicker and ier due to dehyationor use of decongestants. I'm not taking any decongestants. It gets whiter, thicker and heavier if youhave an infection. I thought it would change colors. If the cervical mucus is the color and consistencyof green snot, you need to talk to a .

Likewise if it is yellow. If it is yellow and thick, I'd think itwas a yeast infection. A fishy odor is the sign of a yeast infection.But any color of thick heavy mucus other than white means you need to get treatment foran STD. What if it is orange or has flecks of redin ité Red plus white means yellow or orange, andthe red comes from blood. Unless your period is starting, you have an infection. Or there's something else going on.

It is hard to get so dehyated that yourcervical mucus is as ied out as your constipation. I've heard the snot like consistency isgood. If you did conceive, you could see snot likechunks as the body puts out so much mucus it forms a plug to protect the baby. Thatcomes out when you'relabor too. All I can say is I promise that if I'm pregnant,I am not that far along.

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