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Vaginal Discharge Spayed Dog

Postoperative Care for a Female Dog Spayed at Pets In Stitches

Hello I'm Rastetter from Pets In Stitches. This tutorial will general postoperative guidelines for a female spayed at Pets In Stitches. If your was spayed elsewhere, please refer to that facility's postoperative instructions which may be different than ours. When you get your little girl home, please get a good look at her surgical site.

Today is normal. A little bit of redness and swelling will setand that's fine. But if it changes amaticallyany way, please let us know. She should not have any ainage from the surgical site. The sutures are dissolvable so they do not need to be removed. Please do not let her chew or lick at the surgical site. Hopefully you purchased one of our postoperative collars to help prevent that from happening.

Sometimes also, for little s, you can put them a onsie and that can help decrease the risk also. I do strongly recommend that you put some icea hand towel like you would for yourself and hold it on her surgical site for about ten minutes out of every hour the rest of today. That will help with pain and swelling just like it does with us. We do have pictures on our website of normal and

abnormal healing incisions. If you have concerns about how her surgical site is looking that may be a place to start judging whether or not you need to seek additional help. One of the most important things for her after surgery is limiting her activity for seven days. She needs to be kept crated ora small room like a bathroom. Go out on a leash short leash to do her business, come right back

in. We're trying to minimize her running, her jumping, her playing. Hopefully her surgery goes really well and she's feeling back to normal the next day. So you do need to help restrict her activity so she doesn't think she can do all the things that she normally does. If you are having problems keeping her quiet, you can contact us about gohome sedation if you didn't already purchase that. The sedation does not take the place of

the crating or the confinement but it can help take the edge off of the anxiety of being confined. Feed your little girl like normal tonight. She may or may not eat but she should be eating by tomorrow. Do keep her inside. Primarily keep hera clean, y, temperature controlled environment. When you get her home, she may be a little tired from the effects of the anesthesia. She may overreact to

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