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Home Remedies for Cough Natural Treatment of Chronic y Cough

These cough remedies require nothing at all: you just need to learn how to breathe correctly, or how to breathe closer to the medical norm. What happens during coughing is we loose too much CO2 and carbon dioxide is very important for healing of our airways, for normal work of our urgetocough receptors, because when we hyperventilate, and this is exactly the case,

according to many medical studies, for people with COPD, asthma, cystic fibrosis and other conditions, these people have reduced amount of CO2their airways and that causes irritation of their urgetocough receptors. And therefore, they have chronic problems with coughing. Apart from that, heavy breathing (or hyperventilation) reduces oxygen levelbody cells. And that causes suppression of the immune system, because

when we develop cell hypoxia or tissue hypoxia, we start to generate free radicalscells, due to anaerobic respiration of our cells. So, oxygen is very fundamental for our health, and hyperventilation causes exactly the opposite effect. Let us look at this research abstract written by srelation to coughing. Therefore, people with chronic coughing are going to benefit from very simple breathing exercises which are going to be explained next. The very first step is to learn how to cough only through your nose.

So, you keep your mouth close and start coughing only through the nose. The next step is to learn how to cough with your mouth and with your nose closed. That means you close your nose and try coughing this way. This way you are going to have about normal concentration of CO2your airways, and that is going to calm down your urgetocough receptors. In addition, there is a third exercise which is called reduced

breathing exercise, and this reduced breathing exercise will teach you how to breathe a little bit less air, so that you have more carbon dioxide, more CO2, which improves oxygen transport. And eventually, when you achieve about 30 seconds for the body oxygen test, you are going to eliminate inflammation,a significant degree, and your bouts of coughing will disappear completely.

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