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Vaginal Itching From Menopause

Vaginal Discharge During Menopause

I need your input on vaginal discharge duringmenopause. When you're going through menopause, you'llhave your period less often or less intensely before it finally shuts off. I know menopause isn't an off switch butmore a slow fade. When you're going through menopause, you'llsee similar shiftsvaginal discharge like white and sticky to y right before yourperiod, but you may not see the clear and slippery phase for ovulation. Because I might not ovulate.

However, when you're going through menopause,there's still a chance you'll get pregnant. And have a kid with a higher risk of healthproblems. Or multiples. As your eggs hit their expirationdate, the body offsets it by releasing multiple eggs. What other vaginal discharge should I expectduring menopauseé If it starts to smell sweet down there, you'reprobably developing diabetes – especially so if the urine smells sweet and looks likesyrup too. A rash of repeated yeast infections can bea symptom of diabetes too.

And your odds of adult onset diabetes go upwith age. What else should I knowé With age, the vaginal discharge goes down,which is why older women tend to need lubriion, since the body doesn't make as much. And while a lack of lubriion and make youmore sensitive to yeast and bacterial infections, using too much lubriion can alter pH levelsand do the same. You'll know you have one of those infectionsby the foul smelling discharge if it is bacterial and the fish smell with yellow and solid massesif yeast based.

Fortunately, I haven't had to do a smelltest to see what is wrong. If you get red or brown vaginal discharge,you'll probably want to talk to a . We already discussed how your period fadesaway at this age. Yes, but red blood that's constant indieslesions or a serious infection, while brown blood can be a period that's not completeor internal bleeding. Okay, that's a reason to talk to the . And just because you don't have to use birthcontrol anymore doesn't mean you don't have to use birth control.

Menopause is all natural birth control. Just because you can't get pregnant anymoredoesn't mean you can't get a sexually transmitted disease anymore. And green, yellowand red vaginal discharge, especially with redness, itching or sores are strong signsof an STD. What a pain. Any discharge with pain means talking to a, too. Whether an STD or fibroids or worse, only the doc could say.

Prempro Treats Hot Flashes Vaginal yness and Irritation After Menopause Overview

Prempro is a prescription mediion usedto treat moderate to severe hot flashes and vaginal yness, burning, and irritation aftermenopause. It is also used to reduce the risk of getting osteoporosis. It is a combinationproduct that contains two mediions: conjugated estrogens and medoxyprogesterone. These aretwo different types of hormonal contraceptives. This mediion comestablet form and istaken once a day, with or without food. Common side effects of conjugated estrogenmeoxyprogesteroneinclude stomach pain, irregular vaginal bleeding, and headache. For more information on thismediion and all other mediions, explore the RxWiki encyclopedia on the web or on yourmobile device.

Natural Treatments for Menopause

Hey, guys, Axe here, of naturalmedicine and founder of Axe . Today I'm going to talk to you about menopause naturaltreatments including the best diet and supplements for menopause. I guarantee after you learnthese five secrets, you're going to see great results immediately. In fact, I think you'llstart seeing results24 hours with your menopause symptoms going away if you followthese tips. Let's start off with diet, the top foods thatare causing hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms you might be struggling with. Thefirst food you've got to get out of your diet is processed sugar. Surprisingly, processedsugar wreaks more havoc than anything and

here's the big reason. It causes yeast andcandida overgrowthyour gut, which is also responsible for hormone production. Again,the big problem with sugar is it causes inflammation along with yeast overgrowththe body. You'vegot to get rid of processed sugar. The second food you've got to get out is processedsoy. Soy products, unless it's fermented like natto, you want to get completely out becauseit contains certain types of estrogens that aren't good for your body. Number three, conventional meats, they'repacked with hormones, steroids, antibiotics, and they're fed genetically modified organisms.We know the hormones from the meat you eat

can affect your hormones,turn causingissues like hot flashes, low energy levels, low sex ive and much more. Again, stay awayfrom conventional meat products. The next food you want to stay away from ispackaged foods. Packaged foods typically contain hyogenated oils and refined flours. Gettingrid of those would be wise. Also, artificial sweeteners, Splenda, sucralose, also aspartameknown as NutraSweet. Those artificial sweeteners will wreak havoc on your hormones. Last but not least,general, also get ridof any type of gluten. Glutenyour diet causes inflammation of your gut lining, whichcan even lead to autoimmune disease. If you're

struggling with anything autoimmune relatedand have menopause symptoms, it's definitely because of issues like gluten. The next thing you want to do is here arethe top foods that can help balance your hormones and help you get rid of menopause symptoms.The first one is going to be healthy fats such as avocado. Avocado is highpotassium,magnesium and omega9 fats, which are great for hormones. Also, omega3 fatty acids, consumingthings like wild caught salmon and other wild caught fish, they're highEPA DHA, whichcan help your hormones and is very important as well. Grass fed beef is great. Grass fedbeef is full of iron as well as omega3 fats.

A few other foods that are great. Berriesare highantioxidants, specifically polyphenols. I wouldn't consume a lot of fruit, but theone type of fruit you should be eating a lot of is berries. Things like pomegranate aregreat as well. Also, flax seeds. In fact, there are medicalstudies showing that flax seeds and flax meal can help balance hormones. I would do sproutedflax meal or chia or hemp. Doing sprouted seeds, a couple of tablespoonsa morningsuperfood smoothie is always great as well. Coconut products. Coconut oil is the idealfat for you to consume and a great oil for you to cook with. It's great for blood sugarlevels and balance.

Last but not least, this is the number onesuperfood egory for those with menopause symptoms, is cruciferous vegetables such ascauliflower, brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, turnips, kale. I would go online and lookup or go to Axe , my website, and look up Axe cruciferous vegetables. I havea whole list there for you. Addingcruciferous vegetables, here's thesecret. Cruciferous vegetables contain something called indole3carbanol, which helps yourbody get rid of excess phytoestrogens and bad hormones. It really helps detox. It'slike hormonal detox. It's like a menopause detox. Getting lots of cruciferous vegetablescan help.

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