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Vaginal Itching From Prozac

Vaginitis Candida BV Trichomoniasis Wet Mount Whiff Test Vaginal pH Trich Albicans gardnerella

Distinguished future physicians welcome toStomp on Step 1 the only free tutorials series that helps you study more efficiently by focusingon the highest yield material. I'm Brian McDaniel and I will be your guide on thisjourney through vulvovaginal infections. This is the 3rd tutorialmy playlist covering allof microbio. Vulvovaginitis (AKA Vaginitis) is inflammationof the lower genital tract. It is usually due to infection, but there are a wide varietyof causes. During this tutorial we will focus on the 3 most important causes of vulvovaginitisfor the medical board exam (trichomonas, candida and BV). However, you should know that othertypes of vaginitis include mechanical irritation,

allergic reactions (to soaps or feminine products)and a variety of other infections. Atrophic Vaginitis is a common cause of vaginitis inpostmenopausal women and we will cover thata later tutorialthe GYN section. Gonorrheaand Chlamydia present primarily with cervicitis, but it can also cause vulvovaginitis. GCwill be covered laterits own tutorial. We will start with a few different tests thatwe will use to differentiate between the different infections.Wet Prep (AKA Wet Mount Test) is a microscopic examination of vaginal discharge used to differentiatebetween different types of vulvovaginitis. The vaginal specimen is obtained using a speculumand a que tip similar to how one gets a pap

smear. Then the specimen is rubbed onto aglass slide. One half of the slide has a op of saline added to it while the other halfof the slide has a op of 1020% KOH (Potassium hyoxide) added to it.When Saline is added it makes it easier to view clue cells for BV flagellated motilecells for trichomonas. The KOH kills bacteria and vaginal cells leavingonly yeast cells. This makes it easier to view the psuedohyphae and budding yeast presentduring vulvovaginal candidiasis. KOH is also alkalotic so it can be used fora “Whiff Test.� In this scenario when the alkalotic KOH is added to a sample containingBV it will create an amine or fishy smell.

This is a similar principle behind how thesmell of BV can increase after unprotected sex since semen is alkalotic. The normal vaginal pH for a reproductive agewoman is about 4, while the normal vaginal pH before puberty and after menopause is about7. During puberty there is an estrogen guided increasethe growth lactobacilli flora.These bacteria break down glycogen into lactic acid which lowers pH from about 7 to about4. Now that you know the normal values you can apply it to diseases. Usually, BacterialVaginosis Trichomonas have alkalotic pH (gt;4.5reproductive age women) while candidahas normal pH (lt;4.5). pH paper can be tested

by using pH paper on vaginal discharge. You can see here at the top right corner thatI give BV a high yield rating of 3 on a scale from 1 to 10. If you want to learn more about that ratingsystem you can go to my website or click on this orange box here if you are watching thistutorial on a computer. Bacterial Vaginosis (AKA BV) is a polymicrobialinfection caused by the overgrowth of normal flora. The key bacteriathis infectionis gram negative Gardnerella Vaginalis. Clue cells are visible on the saline portionof a wet prep. A Clue Cell is a sloughed mucosal

squamous epithelial cell coveredmany adherentcoccoid bacteria (Gardenerella Vaginalis). Here is a picture comparing normal squamousepithelial cells with a few stered lactobacill to squamous cells that are coveredthousandsof adherent garenerella bacteria. Here is one more pic. You can see on the leftwe have a normal squamos epithelial cell with a few WBCs. On the right we have the darkerClue cells. Finally I have a photomicrograph to look atin case you see that on your test. A thinwatery graywhite discharge is presentA fouls smell is present and often described as an Amine Odor or Fishy Smell. This smellis intensified after unprotected intercourse

Candida Case Study 8 Nikki Thrush and Endometriosis

We're going to do another case history now.This is a 32yearold lady called Nikki. Again, as usual, I'm going to read a little bit outof my book, Candida Crusher, and then I'm going to give the narration. I'm going toexplain a bit about the case as well. Nikki had her first antibiotic prescribedto her when she was five years of age for minor health concerns like tonsillitis anepeated ear infections. As she grew up, she started to develop bladder infections or cystitis.During her years at boarding school, her prescribed a broadspectrum antibiotic andNikki was given penicillin twice annually for four years until she was 16.Her skin started to develop a good deal of

acne. At this stage, the again prescribedtetracycline, another antibiotic. At 17, Nikki developed a bad case of bronchitis that lefther with a wheeze and the prescribed her an asthma inhaler, a bronchial dilator,and a preventative steroid inhaler. She also started to develop vaginal thrush when shewas 17, and the prescribed fluconazole. And she also had regular prescriptions ofcreams that she applied regularly. At 18, she was given the Pill and stayed onit for 10 years until she decided to have a baby when she was 28. It took 18 monthsfor Nikki to conceive when she went off the Pill, and she had been unable to have a secondchild due to a case of endometriosis. I've

been working with Nikki for the past yearto help her overcome Candida. She's gained a considerable amount of weight and was prescribedProzac for depression last year. This is a typical case I see of a ladder ofugs, a progression of ugs. Can you see what's happenedé Antibiotics, antibiotics,increasingly sick, increasingly poor immune response, cystitis, vaginal thrush, endometriosis,it just goes on and on. I saved this woman from a terrible fate because had she stayeda victim to the medical system, she would've been prescribed more and more and more ugs.The ug merrygoround goes nowhere. It just leads you to increasing sickness.I may sound cynical, but I'm speaking from

nearly 30 years of experience. In the earlydays, I was very angry and upset with the medical profession, but I've developed anunderstanding and an ability to accept the status quo, this is how it is. Most peopleare hooked into a ugbased system. They're victims to the system. Most people are hookedinto symptom prescribing, and that's because s have been taught to prescribe forsymptoms and never to look for causes. s see anywhere between 30 to 60 patients ina day. They've got no time at all to spend with you like I havemy consultation room.It's important for me to understand who you are, what you eat, how you live, how you relateto people, your lifestyle considerations are

critical to me if I'm to find out what thehell happened to you. What was the exciting causeé What started stuffé And what's themaintaining causeé If I can't work these things out, how the heck am I going to help giveyou assistance so your body can restore itselfé I can't do that. Purely giving you Echinaceafor a cough or another herb or a vitamin for some symptom is as stupid as a givingyou antibiotics and different ugs. It's just not really going to get you anywhere.In poor Nikki's case, we can see here what's really going on here. Endometriosis is nota nice thing to have. One of my friends many years ago went to Canada on an endometriosisconference and she said that the whole three

days what was spoken about was how to getrid of vaginal thrush, different treatment that could be used because a lot of snow are starting to see a connection between vaginal thrush and endometriosis.When you get yeasta vaginal area and you keep applying creams and appliors to tryto cure it or to keep taking diflucan, fluconazole, to try to cure it, you're not curing it all.You're basically just eradiing a symptom. And not only that,bad cases, you're actuallyiving the yeastthrough the cervix into the endometrium where you get endometriosis.You're going to get infections internally, and these cysts can start forming, these chocolatecysts, and you end up getting abdominal pain.

Sex ive Low My Libido Boost Secrets

Yo babe I remember some pretty tough timesin my 11 year relationship with my partner Oliver when my sex ive looked like this And I know for sure that I am not the onlyone out there who went through such times and I know that you and I want our sex iveto rather look like this: Yipiii. I love that song. Reminds me of thetimes I secretly watched “Lemon Popsicles� Anyways let's get back to business. In today'stutorial I'll share with you my favorite sex positions to rev up your sex ive. Becausethe best way to want more sex is to have more sex. And this babe is backed up by science,3000 year old taoist wisdom and Adina. that would be me.

Before we look into my favorite libidoboostingsex positions let me share with you some basic information on that libido thingy. The famous neurologist Sigmund Freud believedthat libido is an all encompassing life force energy and that we human beings are ivenby it. So when our libido is low it does not just showour desire for sex butouroverall desire for life. I know from personal experience that sexualdesire is super important for any intimate relationship. Without a healthy sex life your relationshipwill die. And that's a motherfucking, freaking

fact. But the good news is that reviving yoursex life also has the power to revive your relationship. A low sex ive can have like a trillion differentreasons. It's freaking complex. pretty much like us women. But the main culprits usually are stress,the level of your hormones, diet, illness, pregnancy, negative body image, improper functioningof your kidneys, mediion and psychological factors such as trauma or depression. Most of these issues create stagnant energyin your body. But both chinese medicine and

I believe that once this stagnant energy getsmoved and circulatedyour body your sex ive will come back naturally. I share with you precise plans and exercisesto move stagnant energyyour body and activate your sex ivemy Pussy Empowerment Course.You can also find the link under the tutorial. I know you know that girl. but let me tellyou once more: Sexuality is vital to your health and life. That's why ancient Taoists s evenprescribed certain lovemaking positions as medicine to heal physical and emotional issues.

Thereforetoday's tutorial I am prescribingyou some amazing libido boosting sex positions. And you gotta promise me that you do themeven though you don't feelthe mood. Because believe it or not but the hormonesactivated through touch and lovemaking will do a lot of magic to your libido. If you don'tbelieve me, give it a try with the following positions. This is an extremely harmonizing positionand a great way to build trust and deep connection with your partner. Both is incredibly importantif you want to activate your desire for sex. For this position your partner sits with hislegs crossed. If this is too intense on his knees he can straighten his legs or sit onthe edge of the bed. Then slowly and mindfully

lower yourself onto his lab. His penis canbe inside your vagina or outside… however you prefer. To deeper connect you can either gaze intoeach others eyes or connect each others foreheads. And then try to synchronize your breathing. I personally love to light an a scented candleor add ops of essential oil. Sandalwood, jasmine or musk are known to be libido lifting. The Cat position has seen quite some scientificresearch. Many women reported a 56% increaseorgasm frequency by switching to this position.

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