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Vaginal Itching Low Estrogen

Low Estrogen And A Yeast Infection

Hi, there. Erik Bakker again from CandidaCrusher. Here's FAQ No. 4. This patient prefers to remain anonymous. Can low estrogen cause a yeast infectioné Yes, absolutely. Having a high or low estrogenlevel can predispose a female towards a vaginal yeast infection. Estrogen has quite an interestingeffect on the vaginal tissue. So when there's not enough estrogen, the tissue can be quitey and the person's much more prone to getting a bacterial or a yeastrelated infection. And if a person has too much estrogen or hastoo much mucous secretion, they can actually

also favor the reproduction of many yeastin this area. Many females will notice an increaseyeast infections before theirperiod or around perimenopause time for this reason when changesestrogen occur. So, yes, to answer your question, a low estrogencan cause a yeast infection.

Why Is My Vagina So Itchy

Hi, Erik Bakker with Candida Crusher frequentlyasked questions. Here is a question I received from a ladyAuckland, New Zealand. Why is my vagina so itchyé What can I do torelieve the itchiness of vaginal itchingé There are many reasons why vaginal itchingmay occur. Here are some of the best solutions, which I'm going to read out to you from mybook, eleven different solutions, which I think are some of the best you can try. It'simportant if you get recurring itching certainly to get checked out by your or gynecologistto make sure that there are no underlying problems there.

The first thing to do is to avoid sexual relationswith a person, you know, particularly if you have a genital infection or itch justcaseyou're passing a condition on to somebody else and they're going to pass it back toyou. So that's one of the first things you do until you resolve the issue is refrainfrom intimate relations. If you've got repeated issues with vaginalitching, be careful of tight clothingthe area and wear more loose clothing; that makessense. Third issue is avoiding nylon underclothing,so wear cotton that can breathe. This is very important to do. It's going to allow moreair to the area. So wear cotton garments and

loose garments. Use nonperfume soap and becareful of any hygiene products you use which may aggravate or irritate the area. Avoid douches. In chapter fiveCandidaCrusher is a whole chapter on chronic vaginal candidiasis, which will give you some verygood approaches to vaginal yeast infections. There's my twostep approach which is excellentwhich worksclearing up a chronic vaginal infectiona few months. If you follow itcarefully, you'll get outstanding results particularly if you've been diagnosed witha vaginal yeast infection. When at home when you can, leave undergarmentsoff as often as you can to allow air to circulate

through the region; that makes sense, too.Be particularly careful if you're using any toys during sexual relations. Don't laughhere, but I once worked with a and I saw quite a lot of gay and lesbian patientswho were involvedthese sorts of things that I found sometimes that using vibratorsand sex toys can create a huge problem with people, so be sure that these things are cleanwhen you use them. Watch out for scratching or rubbing irritatedtissue around the vagina. This can cause a lot of problems, too. You can also be moreprone to infections if you do those sorts of things. So keep your fingernails shortand watch for scratching or rubbing.

As I mentioned previous, if you can't resolvethe condition very soon, you need to get an expert opinion. Go to your or gynecologist;have a smear test done, get checked out to make sure that you find the cause of thischronic itching. Are you menopausal or postmenopausalé This is an interesting question. Itching canoccur there due to a thinning of the vaginal tissue due to low estrogen. So again, youmay need to get a blood test or salivary hormone test to determine what your estrogen and progesteronelevels are like and maybe have them balanced if need be.

But please do have a look at my book, CandidaCrusher. There are many solutions for vaginal itchingthis book. Chapter five has particularlygood information for the femaleit. So I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

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