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Acupressure Therapy Acupressure Point for Sexual Dysfunction

Needing help with sexual dysfunctioné Hi,my name is Mark Brinson, of Oriental Medicine, Human Performance and Physical MedicineSpecialist. Sexual dysfunction can be quite complied and it depends on whether you'remale or female, what treatments might work, might work best for you. Today, I'm goingto try to give you a couple of simple Acupressure points that can help to boost your overallsystem;Eastern Medicine what's called the kidney. Now when they say kidneyEasternMedicine, what they're really referring to is almost aenals and aenal type function.And many people have sexual dysfunction because of aenal burnout. They're taking too manystimulants. They're leading to hectic of a

lifestyle, not getting enough rest, exerciseor food. These are all things you need to consider when you're talking about your sexuallife with your partner. Making sure that you guys are on the same page as far as your lifestylegoes as well can really help. Now as far as points specifically that can be use, there'sone directly on the bottom of the foot. Now when I say the bottom of the foot, I'm talkingabout the ball of the, so where you place pressure, okay, towards the toes. Directlyin the center, there's a point called kidney 1, that's kind of the master point of thiswhole kidney channel that I'm talking about, that deals with, you know, the aenals, thecortisol levels, things that are going to

help you to really nourish your whole body.Kidney 1 is very good to stimulate, do so lightly. Don't do so if the person is pregnant.Another really good point for stimulating overall health and energythe body is aboutone inch below the umbilicus or really one thumb width, there's a point called Chi Haithat stimulates overall energythe body. You can either do this with the finger verygently, put you to three minutes or you can even use something to heat it up, very lightlyfor two to three minutes which can help to boost energy throughout the day and help withwhat they called that kidney function. Now remember diet, exercise, rest and being reallyin tune with your partner's needs or things

that can help with this also. My name is MarkBrinson, wishing you balance and a good sex life.

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