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Vaginal Itching Teenager

Should You Shave Your Pubes

After puberty, pubic hair begins tosurround our external genitalia. But with hair removal and grooming becoming apopular personal practice, is it really the best idea to shave or wax down thereor is a full bush the way to goƩ Humans lost most of their thick body hairaround seventy thousand to one huned and twenty thousand years after the lastice age, but despite becoming mostly bare, being retained plentiful hairourarmpits and crotches becoming the only mammalian speciesthe world to havelong course pubic hair. Researchers hypothesize that pubic hairs afterpuberty as a visual signal to potential

partners that one is ready to mate, whilethe bushes itself act as protection from friction during sexual intercourse.Another theory involves sweat. Humans have two types of sweat glands, one typesecretes mostly water and salt producing no odor, while the other apocrine glandsare found specificallythe armpit and the pubic areas and using the pubic hairfollicles secrete fluids richproteins, lipids, and pheromones. When bacteria on theskin breakdown these molecules, you get body odor. We may have evolved to retainthese hairs to trap pheromones to be wanted towards potential mates. This isfurther supported by the fact that women

release different pheromones duringovulation signaling fertilityorder to become more attractive to others. Buta study of over 1,000 studentsAmerica found that 96% of females and 87%of males had either partially or completely removed pubic hair within the past month.As pubic hair its course, the regrowth after any type of grooming can beirritating to the skin. In fact 75% of people sorting out their pubes haveexperienced genital itching, and 40% have experienced a rash of some sort. Shaving and waxing can create here thatgrows inward instead about to the

surfers resultingred and inflameaised bumps. Interestingly, the incidents of pubic lice has actually decreased dueto shaving and waxing. However these practices can also createmicroscopic abrasions on the skin, which can become infected and even transmit amyriad of sexually transmitted diseases. It has been theorized that pubic hairremoval also correlates directly with the rise of gonorrhea, chlamydia and HPVinfections. Even with infections put aside, the most common genital injuriesreportedAmerican emergency rooms are a direct consequence of pubic hairremoval. At the end of the day, no matter

what grooming trends are currentlypopular, there's no harmgrowing that bush the way that nature intended.Before you go, we want to send a huge thank you to thought cafe for animating this episode for us. They have a fantastic channel but you should checkout. Its super creative and informative. Be sure to check them out and subscribeto their channel for more fun and eduional content. Thanks for watching.

Home Remedies for White Vaginal Discharge II II

One of viewer has wrote us that he has the problem of Leukorrhea asking for an episode on this. See, leukorrhea means (Shwet Pradar) or it is also called White discharge. This white discharge isevery females bodyless of quantity. And its not a disease. But when this white discharge's quantity getcrease its color started changing. And when you start having irritating and burning sensationyour vaginal area then this problem can happen. White discharge is normal, it not an disease but it can be the symptoms of other diseases just like : Diabetes or if you say Anemia, it can be its symptoms A bacterial infectionyour vaginal area that is also an reason to have white discharge.As it happens due to lots of reasons.

One of the major reason is that if you have taken birth bills from long time then also the problem of white discharge can happen. Or if you have got multiple abortions done, then also it can happen. Or if you have unlimited sex or with the multiple partners, even then this problem comes. It is seensome of the girls that before their fist MC(Monthly cycle) they face the problem of white discharge. In which if you have weakness that is also the reason it has lots of reasons.Now how to its treatment. Firstly, 3 Liter of water is must to be consumed so that the toxins which are getting generatedyour body they get nutrilized. Along with this don't wear tight undergarments.

And specially don't wear synthetic undergarments. Undergarment should be of cotton. They should be loose instead of very tight. And you have to take care of one more thing, that if you have so much of irritation and stinking discharge then you have to change your undergarments twicea day. along with this you have to wash your undergarments with hot water and make them y under sharp sunlight. If you want you can soak some margonsa leaves and before spinning them first soak from this water and then spin . so that there may not formed any type of bacteria. Apart from this it is very important to y your vaginal area after cleaning. People use to leave it wet, with this also the chances of infection and higher vaginal discharge become higher.

so, make it y. take cotton and wipe it nice or you can keep tissue paper with you. after wiping it from tissue paper. Moment you will wetnessyour vaginal area, immediately wash it out with the water. And i am telling you one remedy, take some Margosa leaves and boil them into 12 liter of water. after that strain the water and let is cool down. Clean you vaginal area with this water after cleaning is nicely, you may wipe it with the cotton nicely. and make it y. You will notice that you will start getting reliefthe vaginal discharge. Along with this you have to be careful about your eating habits. The problem of the white discharge happen due to having very chilled and very sweet food.

and don consume Red Meat asit increases toxinsour body. Consume Curd if you consume 1 Bowl the morning and 1 bowlthe evening. then you will get so mcuh of reliefwhite discharge, because if is often seen that during vaginal discharge irritation and burning sensation is felt and vaginal area become reddish so, one thing you can do this time. as I said, if you will clean it with margosa leaves water then you will get relief you are consuming curd if you have so much of irritation then you can apply some curdthe vaginal area wait for 10 minutes and then wash it with water and make it y with this also you will get reliefburningvaginal area

For applying there is one more good method is there, Take 2 Spoon of apple cider Vinegar add 1 Cup of water and mix it properly, even if you will wash your vaginal area with this mixture Irritation, Burning sensation, the redness, the problem of white discharge and the stinking smell which you face with this you will get relief, so you can wash it with this for 23 times or whenever you feel that the problem is increased and then clean your vaginal area and make it y you will notice that you are getting relief this. Apart from this one more thing you have to do, take 1 Spoon of fenugreek seeds and you have to soak it overnight and make its paste next morning consume this white paste empty stomachthe morning with this you will get reliefthe vaginal discharge.

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