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Vaginal Itchy

Vaginitis Candida BV Trichomoniasis Wet Mount Whiff Test Vaginal pH Trich Albicans gardnerella

Distinguished future physicians welcome toStomp on Step 1 the only free tutorials series that helps you study more efficiently by focusingon the highest yield material. I'm Brian McDaniel and I will be your guide on thisjourney through vulvovaginal infections. This is the 3rd tutorialmy playlist covering allof microbio. Vulvovaginitis (AKA Vaginitis) is inflammationof the lower genital tract. It is usually due to infection, but there are a wide varietyof causes. During this tutorial we will focus on the 3 most important causes of vulvovaginitisfor the medical board exam (trichomonas, candida and BV). However, you should know that othertypes of vaginitis include mechanical irritation,

allergic reactions (to soaps or feminine products)and a variety of other infections. Atrophic Vaginitis is a common cause of vaginitis inpostmenopausal women and we will cover thata later tutorialthe GYN section. Gonorrheaand Chlamydia present primarily with cervicitis, but it can also cause vulvovaginitis. GCwill be covered laterits own tutorial. We will start with a few different tests thatwe will use to differentiate between the different infections.Wet Prep (AKA Wet Mount Test) is a microscopic examination of vaginal discharge used to differentiatebetween different types of vulvovaginitis. The vaginal specimen is obtained using a speculumand a que tip similar to how one gets a pap

smear. Then the specimen is rubbed onto aglass slide. One half of the slide has a op of saline added to it while the other halfof the slide has a op of 1020% KOH (Potassium hyoxide) added to it.When Saline is added it makes it easier to view clue cells for BV flagellated motilecells for trichomonas. The KOH kills bacteria and vaginal cells leavingonly yeast cells. This makes it easier to view the psuedohyphae and budding yeast presentduring vulvovaginal candidiasis. KOH is also alkalotic so it can be used fora “Whiff Test.� In this scenario when the alkalotic KOH is added to a sample containingBV it will create an amine or fishy smell.

This is a similar principle behind how thesmell of BV can increase after unprotected sex since semen is alkalotic. The normal vaginal pH for a reproductive agewoman is about 4, while the normal vaginal pH before puberty and after menopause is about7. During puberty there is an estrogen guided increasethe growth lactobacilli flora.These bacteria break down glycogen into lactic acid which lowers pH from about 7 to about4. Now that you know the normal values you can apply it to diseases. Usually, BacterialVaginosis Trichomonas have alkalotic pH (gt;4.5reproductive age women) while candidahas normal pH (lt;4.5). pH paper can be tested

by using pH paper on vaginal discharge. You can see here at the top right corner thatI give BV a high yield rating of 3 on a scale from 1 to 10. If you want to learn more about that ratingsystem you can go to my website or click on this orange box here if you are watching thistutorial on a computer. Bacterial Vaginosis (AKA BV) is a polymicrobialinfection caused by the overgrowth of normal flora. The key bacteriathis infectionis gram negative Gardnerella Vaginalis. Clue cells are visible on the saline portionof a wet prep. A Clue Cell is a sloughed mucosal

squamous epithelial cell coveredmany adherentcoccoid bacteria (Gardenerella Vaginalis). Here is a picture comparing normal squamousepithelial cells with a few stered lactobacill to squamous cells that are coveredthousandsof adherent garenerella bacteria. Here is one more pic. You can see on the leftwe have a normal squamos epithelial cell with a few WBCs. On the right we have the darkerClue cells. Finally I have a photomicrograph to look atin case you see that on your test. A thinwatery graywhite discharge is presentA fouls smell is present and often described as an Amine Odor or Fishy Smell. This smellis intensified after unprotected intercourse

Vaginals Itching Home Remedies Health Tone Tips

home remedies for vaginal itching, wear loose clothing loose clothing is another great way toprevent vaginal itching as it keeps your vagina cool and y be sure to wear a 100 percent cottonunderwear so that your skin can breed if you have an office job or spin themajority of your time sitting be sure to get up and walk around everyhour at least to prevent your vagina from getting toowarm proper hygiene using proper hygiene may help stop forJohn alleging

changing cotton underwear daley andtaking a bath or shower will keep the vaginal creams the vagina is a selfcleaning are goneand does not require the use of harsh so a doucheto keep it clean using amild soap with no fragrances is best because the chemicalssoapmay cause our intent to hire Jim excessively watching the vagina maycause the skin to y out and cosmology yellow card yield which contains live and activecultures as Lactobacillus acidophilus

this probiotic food contains goodbacteria that are helpfulmaintaining a balance natural bacteria andmicroflorathe vaginaoverabundance the Eastin bacteriathe vagina can cause uncomfortable itching and the activecultures and yogurt may help balance the ratio eating yogurt while taking antibioticsmay help reduce the John alleging apply ice a cold compress but I Spy coldcompress on your vagina for immediate relief

the engine is most intense at nightaccording to most women so this is a good tool to have for thosesleepless nights yellow card eat one couple the other today make sureit's plain yogurt without any sugar and that it contains a third of a lifecultures this property helps fight against yeastinfections and fungus you can also put some yogurt on a tempand put ityour body for a couple of hours

do this once or twice a day for a fewdays you can also put some frozen yogurt onyour brokerage housethe media relieving effect against %ehtake message back dealyou time feds bath with warm water and add about12 a cup of salt makes the salt with the water until itdissolves and then soak yourself and it for about 15 minutes during thistime insert a finger inside your vagina sothat the warm salty water goes inside

salty water is very effective againstinfections and doing this for two or three nights can greatly reduce youreating cider vinegar similar to thetime section properties assault vinegar isalso an effective treatment makes about 2 tablespoons and then herinto perhaps warm water and rinse your vagina with ittwice a day for about three days don't worry if it stings a little thisis coming avoid irritation chemical irritants maycause our increased symptoms

Why Is My Vagina So Itchy

Hi, Erik Bakker with Candida Crusher frequentlyasked questions. Here is a question I received from a ladyAuckland, New Zealand. Why is my vagina so itchyé What can I do torelieve the itchiness of vaginal itchingé There are many reasons why vaginal itchingmay occur. Here are some of the best solutions, which I'm going to read out to you from mybook, eleven different solutions, which I think are some of the best you can try. It'simportant if you get recurring itching certainly to get checked out by your or gynecologistto make sure that there are no underlying problems there.

The first thing to do is to avoid sexual relationswith a person, you know, particularly if you have a genital infection or itch justcaseyou're passing a condition on to somebody else and they're going to pass it back toyou. So that's one of the first things you do until you resolve the issue is refrainfrom intimate relations. If you've got repeated issues with vaginalitching, be careful of tight clothingthe area and wear more loose clothing; that makessense. Third issue is avoiding nylon underclothing,so wear cotton that can breathe. This is very important to do. It's going to allow moreair to the area. So wear cotton garments and

loose garments. Use nonperfume soap and becareful of any hygiene products you use which may aggravate or irritate the area. Avoid douches. In chapter fiveCandidaCrusher is a whole chapter on chronic vaginal candidiasis, which will give you some verygood approaches to vaginal yeast infections. There's my twostep approach which is excellentwhich worksclearing up a chronic vaginal infectiona few months. If you follow itcarefully, you'll get outstanding results particularly if you've been diagnosed witha vaginal yeast infection. When at home when you can, leave undergarmentsoff as often as you can to allow air to circulate

through the region; that makes sense, too.Be particularly careful if you're using any toys during sexual relations. Don't laughhere, but I once worked with a and I saw quite a lot of gay and lesbian patientswho were involvedthese sorts of things that I found sometimes that using vibratorsand sex toys can create a huge problem with people, so be sure that these things are cleanwhen you use them. Watch out for scratching or rubbing irritatedtissue around the vagina. This can cause a lot of problems, too. You can also be moreprone to infections if you do those sorts of things. So keep your fingernails shortand watch for scratching or rubbing.

As I mentioned previous, if you can't resolvethe condition very soon, you need to get an expert opinion. Go to your or gynecologist;have a smear test done, get checked out to make sure that you find the cause of thischronic itching. Are you menopausal or postmenopausalé This is an interesting question. Itching canoccur there due to a thinning of the vaginal tissue due to low estrogen. So again, youmay need to get a blood test or salivary hormone test to determine what your estrogen and progesteronelevels are like and maybe have them balanced if need be.

But please do have a look at my book, CandidaCrusher. There are many solutions for vaginal itchingthis book. Chapter five has particularlygood information for the femaleit. So I hope that answers your question. Thank you.

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