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Vaginal Odor Cream

Why does my vagina smell

Oh sorry. What are you doingé Clone: I've been on a pineapple only diet all week and I still don't smell like a pineapple. What. Clone: I don't want my icky vagina to smell bad like they normally do. Clone: so I read online that I can make it smell like a pineapple! Oh my god I have to make a tutorial about this. It's time to talk about vaginas.

Your sausage wallet, punani, cookie, clam, toybox, cunt. Cunt is my favorite. Not just my favorite word for vaginas but like my favorite wordEnglish. It makes me really sad when I have casual vagina conversations with my friends and they don't know basic vagina owning 101. I wonder if theres a book called that. I'm going to look it up and if so its going to be on the screen right now. Just cause. I'm buying it. God I sound so pretentious. quot;I know more about vaginas then like, all of my friends.quot; Make a gif of that.

Alright, having a naturally bad smelling vagina isn't a thing. Vaginas are awesome. They smell awesome. And they taste awesome. Some people have faint scents, some people have strong scents. Do you want to bea tutorial about vaginasé When I tell people I don't wash my vagina they freak out. BUT HOW DO YOU KEEP IT CLEANé! Hey listen, vaginas clean themselves. They are a product of millions of years of evolution and all of that was before soap was invented.

There are actually lots and lots of little living things inside your vagina. Clone: AHHH! Don't freak out! There are tons of little living things all over and inside your body on the microbiological level and they're all working really hard to keep you healthy. So uh make their job a little easier and don't fuck it all up. Seriously if you're using soap or douchesyour vagina you are fucking up your natural cleaning process. Seriously though clean the dirty parts of your body. Your vagina isn't one of them. But having an unbalanced vagina is totally a thing. And if you use anything dirtyyour vagina like penises, toys, fingers you really gotta stay on top of it.

Now if your partners the one telling you to handle your shit downstairs tell them to go fuck a pineapple. But with that being said your vaginas a constant war between yeast and bacteria. If either of them wins, you're going to have a problem. That's not really how it works but I just love describing a vagina as that. IT'S A WAR ZONE. I don't know. Vaginas are badass y'all. Yeast infections and bacterial infections can both cause bad smells. BUUUUT, so called 'feminine freshness' products actually cause this.

They murder these tiny little organisms that keep you healthy and then make you smell bad. Let me say that again. DOUCHES AND SOAP MAKE YOU SMELL BAD. So you think you smell bad. You use a douche. You use a feminine soap. Then the smell goes away for a day and you're like, quot;Oh my god I smell like roses and mangoes!quot; Then the next day you smell bad again so you have to buy more of their products. It's a freakin vicious cycle. Chaching for them. Woof for you.

5 duchas naturais para higiene ntima feminina

With these 5 natural recipes for showersfeminine hygiene, you will eliminate fungi and prevent diseases Supermarkets and pharmacies are fullproducts for personal hygiene, such as soap and creams. But however, if women caringwith attention, you will not need to use any chemical product. It is no exaggeration or plot against ugsindustrial although we look avoid them to the maximum.

If you do not know, the vagina has a floraBacterial itself, that cleans, maintains the suitable pH and prevents disease course. If you are not going it to you,seek medical and nonpharmaceutical remedies. If the vagina is infected and malodorous,you should take a shower. Carefully wash only the outside (vulva) is essential. If you always wash the inside, you canchange the bacterial flora. very tight clothing such as lycra, canleave a bad odor, try to wear more clothes cotton, especially underwear.

See how cleaning can be done: 1. White vinegar (the common) White vinegar helps kill bacteria,eliminate bad odor and prevents the development fungi. Do not worry: this recipe provesallergy. All you need is to mix twohot cups with 2 teaspoons white vinegar and use for washing the mixturevulva. Then rinse with warm water. 2. Aloe

Remove the gel from the aloe vera mainlywhat are the ends and mix with two glasses of water. Wash the vulva with this mixture and rinse withwarm water to remove all residues. 3. Lemon Leaves These sheets are antibiotic, antimicrobialand hypoallergenic. They are also usefulthe treatment ofother body parts, such as bones or eliminate underarm odor. Place a handful of these leavesa bowlwith 500 ml of boiling water and yet leave

the fire for 15 minutes, then turn off. Then, cover the pan and let rest.Strain and wash the vulva with tea leaves lemon. 4. Apple Cider Vinegar Helps eliminate bad odor and regulate the pH. If you have a bath, prepare forbath with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Staythe tub for a few minutes and enjoyto relax your legs and improve health of the skin.

5. Yogurt It seems incredible, but the natural yogurtIt helps to improve the bacterial flora and eliminating fungal infections. After washing the vulva with a little yoghurt,rinse with warm water. IMPORTANT! These rinses should only reachthe outer part, ie the vulva. not the do so reach the inner part,because it undermines the bacterial flora vagina. Did you like the recipeé If you like shortthe tutorial, join the channel and share

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