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Vaginal Odor Like Mayonnaise

This Is How I cured my Bacterial Vaginosis

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Nipple Hair Dont Care

Ladies laides, ladies, ladies ladies!Girlfriends. Gal pals. Sisters! I've got counting quietly six words for you: yourhairy nipples are totally normal. If you already watched the Stuff Mom NeverTold You tutorial from quite a while back your nips, they're probably normal you alreadyknow that nipple hair is totally normal but I wanted to come back because it's one ofthose stuffs that mom probably, definitely, never told you and it's also one of thosestuffs that I have a feeling we are so selfconscious about we don't talk to each other aboutit and assume that we're the ones who have any hairour areaola. Around our,ourareola. Around our areola. Casepoint,

my favorite reddit thread of all time on thesubreddit Twoxchromosomes, which is fantastic by the way, if you don't follow it already.‘No one talks about nipple hair. I'm being serious. I'm a girl who has to shave hernipple hair. They're usually not bad, just three or four long straight black hairs. I'vetried plucking, but that hurts like you think it would so I usually just shave it.' Andfrom there all of these women start sharing their experiences and feelings around theirnipple hair and trying to remove it and it is simply delightful such as Canadaonmymind,‘Finally someone confirms what I have thought. I've been on the pill for about a year nowand all of the sudden I have like 5 nipple

hairs on each breast. Damn hormones.' Toobiestubescommented, ‘Thank you. I can have a bareall, super raunchy conversation about period poops,but the minute I say nipple hair, I get weird looks. I'm a pretty hairless person, butthey're there.' Someone else commented, ‘So weird. I just noticed a few very longdark hairs starting to grow around my areolae and googled it today. I was wondering whatto do about them, but I kind of just want to let them grow and see how long I get.'For the record I completely endorse being experimental about stray body hairs. ‘Hailto the Chief' plays. And I could honestly sit here and read aloud that reddit threadfor another two hours because it's one of

those fantastic conversations that normalizesthose aspects about our bodies that we're conditioned to assume are flaws, or thingsthat make us less beautiful or weird, whenfact, an estimated 30% of all ladies ladies! are genetically predisposed to kind of hairy nipples because a) hormones and b) our areolaeare surrounded by hair follicles. Which means, hair's going to go there. Really the onlytime you should be concerned about hair around your nipples is if you notice a sudden increasein it along with hair on your chest and other atypical loionsaddition to having irregularperiods. In that case, you might want to talk to a about whether those are symptomsof polycystic ovarian synome. Otherwise,

hairs around our nipples are just hairs aroundour nipples. And I have a feeling that now you want to know that Cristen are you talkingabout this because this is a personal issueé Yeah. I'll be honest with you. I have onestray hair that grows out of my right boob about once a month and I named it Ruth NippleGinsburg because as much as I try to keep it down by tweezing it out she keeps fightingher way back to the top. In which case I should probably just let her grow and fight for genderequality.

Reto del Esperma Probando Semen Cum Challenge

What's up, fritoséHow are youé Today I'm once again with. You fucker! Tell meyou missed me. Say it to me. I missed you, Luna. That's it. Once again the best YouTube couple.The bluehaired girl. The alien who camefrom the Moon. And here I amwith my peculiar hairdo.

Today we're gonnatake a challenge. As you can seethe tutorial title.This is really disgusting. Had the idea when I was at a partyand I said Luna has to do it. This is the quot;Sperm Challengequot;.You won't see anything like this anywhere else. Here we have eight little cupswhich have different products inside. In one of this cups there's sperm. and Luna, who's an experienced sperm taster,must find the cup that got sperm inside. Are you ready forthe challenge, Lunaé

I wasn't born yesterday, man. Do I startéCome on. Number one. What does it taste like, Lunaé It's like.I'll try it again. It's tasty. Luna, is it tastyéIt's like mixed with mayonnaise. You almost get it. But is it sperméNo, that's not sperm. Okay, that's not sperm. Now try that.It might be fermented sperm.

Pay attention to thetexture of this. What is itéWhat does it taste likeé It's sweet.Well, it's sweet sperm. Even I will taste it. That's not sperm.It tastes like. Maybe it's the spermof a sick guy. No, it's not sperm.It's not sperm. Are you sure about ité Maybe he was sick of.That's not sperm.

Okay. Let's put the cup over here.And now number three. It looks pretty interesting.The color is. This one, yeah.It really looks like fermented sperm. It makes me doubt.Let me taste all of them and I'll tell you. Number two makes me doubt. Okay. What about that oneéWhat does it taste likeé This one is like. It tastes likesperm mixed with something, man. It tastes like sperm mixedwith something sweet.

I know this taste. It makes me doubt too, but it's not 100% sperm.I think number three is sperm mixed with something. Now let's try number four. Let me have one more ink. Luna is an experienced sperm taster.How many different sperms have you tastedé Stop fooling around.I don't remember. More than tenéMore than one hunedé No, man. I mean I've been withmany men but I don't fuck all of them.

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