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Vaginal Odor Old Tampon


(gentle music) Laci Oh hi, everyone! Throughout the last ten years I've had so many vaginal issues that I'm basically a certified hacker now. (ding) Before I get started sharingsome ancient remedies and twenty first century lifesavers

just a little reminder. I'm gonna be talking aboutvaginal infections and stuff and sometimes the symptoms ofthose are actually symptoms of things that are much more serious. So, yay, love your vagina and go to the when you need to. First step, when yeast getsa little outta control. Why yes, I am about to suggest

that you put garlicyour vagina. I know it sounds weird butit seriously works so well. Just pusha whole clove. Don't puncture it or will burn and change that baby every twelve hours. Usually within three to five days my yeast infections are gone. Yeah, it can leave a little bit of a smell

but who doesn't like garlic breadé The vagina's a pocket so it's not gonna get lost but if you're worried, you can tie some floss to it so that you can easily pull it out. For pain relief, I put plain yogurt twith live active cultures into the fingers of a latexglove and then freeze it.

Look for yogurt with theleast amount of sugar that you can find 'cause yeast loves sugar and when you pull it outof the freezer you'll have these delightful,(mumbling) yogurt tampons. Pop oneovernight witha pad to ch the leakage. Next up, UTIs. I know, I know you've heardit before but seriously, hyation is so freaking important.

Try to be inking alittle water all day long. Second, secret weapon is DMannose. You can get this at a supplement store and I take two capsules three times a day for five days whileinking lots of water. Continue taking it a few days even after the symptoms have gone. I've also had good results withprobiotics for bladder pain

Tampons Vs Pads

(quot;Cast Your Votesquot;) Welcome, ladies andperhaps even gentlemen, to the debate of the century, tampons versus pads. The age old question, which is betteré Today we're here to find out. (quot;Cast Your Votesquot;)

Ladies, lets talk about comfortability. Which is more comfortableé Pads you don't haveto have up your vagina. I think the perk isthat you do get to have something up your vaginaall day. (bell chimes) Run around, playthe pool, don't have any problems. Pads are like a pillow foryour vagina (bell chimes)

'cause they're comfortable. You can just slap it on. You don't have to like shove it up there. There's a lot of dialogueabout pads being awkward, or big, or feeling like a diaper, but the truth is, just like with tampons, there are different sizes. While I'll admit that shoving a tampon

up your y vagina is nevercomfortable, (bell chimes) once it's up there though, you really can't feel it at all. Would you feel comfortable mentally wearing a tampon andthinking, quot;I could be getting quot;toxic shock synomeright now.quot; (bell chimes) Sanitation. Who is cleaneré

Tampons or padsé Tampons are very sanitarybecause I feel like they attack the source,like a dam. (bell chimes) You can forget aboutputting that tampon up there, and then you get toxic shock synome. You can't get that froma pad. (bell chimes) With a pad you knowwhen you need to change it because you have a visualand sometimes sensory cue.

In terms of the risks to your body, I'm gonna have to yield this round to pads because tampons can, you know, get lost, not forever. All very interestingand valid points, ladies. Now let's get your final statements. Use one or the other. Don't go bare.

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