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Vaginal Odor On Meth

Woman Arrested With Loaded GunHer Vagina

What's up guysé For Complex News, I'm TamaraDhia. News out of Waco, Texas is reporting that30year oldGabriel Garcia and 31yearold Ashley Cecilia Castaneda have been arrestedafter a routine traffic stop led to the discovery of over 30 grams of meththe couple's vehicle.According to the Waco Tribune, both were arrested and being transported to a county jail whenCastaneda admitted to police that she also had a loaded Smith and Wesson .22caliberhandgun stashed.in her vagina. Police immediately pulled over and radioeda female police officer to come and retrieve the weapon which had a roundthe chamberand quot;a full magazine of bullets.quot;

Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton explained: quot;It was a safety concern for the victim whohad a loaded firearm insider her body. Depending on a number of factors, that gun could havegone off by body movements or compression of the trigger.quot; Sgt. Swanton continued: quot;People have asked us, 'Why are you even tellingus thisé' The reason is because we want people to know this truly does happen. That was anextremely dangerous situation for everyone involved.quot;

Garcia and Castenada were charged with twocounts of possession of meth within a ugfree zone as the incident occurred within 1,000feet of an elementary school. Castaneda was additionally charged for unlawfully carryinga weapon. That's the news for now but for all of yourupdates be sure to subscribe to Complex on YouTube.

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