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Vaginal Odor Pineapple


(gentle music) Laci Oh hi, everyone! Throughout the last ten years I've had so many vaginal issues that I'm basically a certified hacker now. (ding) Before I get started sharingsome ancient remedies and twenty first century lifesavers

just a little reminder. I'm gonna be talking aboutvaginal infections and stuff and sometimes the symptoms ofthose are actually symptoms of things that are much more serious. So, yay, love your vagina and go to the when you need to. First step, when yeast getsa little outta control. Why yes, I am about to suggest

that you put garlicyour vagina. I know it sounds weird butit seriously works so well. Just pusha whole clove. Don't puncture it or will burn and change that baby every twelve hours. Usually within three to five days my yeast infections are gone. Yeah, it can leave a little bit of a smell

but who doesn't like garlic breadé The vagina's a pocket so it's not gonna get lost but if you're worried, you can tie some floss to it so that you can easily pull it out. For pain relief, I put plain yogurt twith live active cultures into the fingers of a latexglove and then freeze it.

Look for yogurt with theleast amount of sugar that you can find 'cause yeast loves sugar and when you pull it outof the freezer you'll have these delightful,(mumbling) yogurt tampons. Pop oneovernight witha pad to ch the leakage. Next up, UTIs. I know, I know you've heardit before but seriously, hyation is so freaking important.

Try to be inking alittle water all day long. Second, secret weapon is DMannose. You can get this at a supplement store and I take two capsules three times a day for five days whileinking lots of water. Continue taking it a few days even after the symptoms have gone. I've also had good results withprobiotics for bladder pain

Why does my vagina smell

Oh sorry. What are you doingé Clone: I've been on a pineapple only diet all week and I still don't smell like a pineapple. What. Clone: I don't want my icky vagina to smell bad like they normally do. Clone: so I read online that I can make it smell like a pineapple! Oh my god I have to make a tutorial about this. It's time to talk about vaginas.

Your sausage wallet, punani, cookie, clam, toybox, cunt. Cunt is my favorite. Not just my favorite word for vaginas but like my favorite wordEnglish. It makes me really sad when I have casual vagina conversations with my friends and they don't know basic vagina owning 101. I wonder if theres a book called that. I'm going to look it up and if so its going to be on the screen right now. Just cause. I'm buying it. God I sound so pretentious. quot;I know more about vaginas then like, all of my friends.quot; Make a gif of that.

Alright, having a naturally bad smelling vagina isn't a thing. Vaginas are awesome. They smell awesome. And they taste awesome. Some people have faint scents, some people have strong scents. Do you want to bea tutorial about vaginasé When I tell people I don't wash my vagina they freak out. BUT HOW DO YOU KEEP IT CLEANé! Hey listen, vaginas clean themselves. They are a product of millions of years of evolution and all of that was before soap was invented.

There are actually lots and lots of little living things inside your vagina. Clone: AHHH! Don't freak out! There are tons of little living things all over and inside your body on the microbiological level and they're all working really hard to keep you healthy. So uh make their job a little easier and don't fuck it all up. Seriously if you're using soap or douchesyour vagina you are fucking up your natural cleaning process. Seriously though clean the dirty parts of your body. Your vagina isn't one of them. But having an unbalanced vagina is totally a thing. And if you use anything dirtyyour vagina like penises, toys, fingers you really gotta stay on top of it.

Now if your partners the one telling you to handle your shit downstairs tell them to go fuck a pineapple. But with that being said your vaginas a constant war between yeast and bacteria. If either of them wins, you're going to have a problem. That's not really how it works but I just love describing a vagina as that. IT'S A WAR ZONE. I don't know. Vaginas are badass y'all. Yeast infections and bacterial infections can both cause bad smells. BUUUUT, so called 'feminine freshness' products actually cause this.

They murder these tiny little organisms that keep you healthy and then make you smell bad. Let me say that again. DOUCHES AND SOAP MAKE YOU SMELL BAD. So you think you smell bad. You use a douche. You use a feminine soap. Then the smell goes away for a day and you're like, quot;Oh my god I smell like roses and mangoes!quot; Then the next day you smell bad again so you have to buy more of their products. It's a freakin vicious cycle. Chaching for them. Woof for you.

How to Have a Healthy Vagina by Eating Well and Exercising

1.Eat plenty of yogurt. Yogurt has the same kind of quot;goodquot; bacteria that your vagina needsto stay healthy.You can replenish your body's bacteria by making yogurt part of your dailydiet. Eating yogurt is a great way to both prevent and treat yeast infections. Other foods besides yogurt also help yourbodythis way. Kimchi, kombucha, and other fermented foods can be substituted for yogurtif you aren't a big fan. Yogurt pills are also available if you'd prefernot to ingest yogurt on a daily basis. 2.Eat lots of fruit. Cranberries, pineapples,

strawberries, and other fruits help to freshenthe smell of the liquids secreted by the vagina. Eating fruits won't exactly make your vaginasmell fruity, but it can help you develop a more pleasant scent if that's somethingyou're concerned about. Fruit also has a high water content, and staying hyated helpsflush the body of toxins that can lead to bad smells.3. Eat garlic. Garlic has properties that killyeast, making it an effective tool for preventing and treating yeast infections. Eating cookedor raw garlic a few times a week is a great way to keep your vagina healthy. It has alsobeen said to help get rid of bad vaginal odor.

4.Do kegel exercises. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and the pubococcygeusmuscle. These muscles tend to get looser and weaker with age and after giving birth. Strengtheningthem can help you avoid issues like urinary incontinence and also increase sexual pleasure.6To do kegel exercises, follow these steps: Loe your pelvic floor muscles. To do this,pretend you are stopping urinatingmidstream. The muscles you use to stop are the ones youare targeting with kegels. Tighten the muscles and hold for three seconds,then release. Repeat this 15 times. Continue doing kegel exercises daily, holdingfor longer and adding more reitions as

you gain control.5. Explore other ways to exercise the vagina.The vagina is also strengthened through sexual activity and pleasure, since sex keeps ittoned and elastic. Having regular intercourse is a good way to keep yourselfshape. Focuson tightening and releasing the vagina during sex to exercise the vagina as much as possible. Using a vibrator can help you achieve thesame effect. Jade eggs, vaginal cones, ben wa balls andvaginal barbells are also implements designed to exercise the vagina through quot;weightliftingquot;techniques.

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