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Forced to Masturbate for College Class

we talk every onceawhile about humansexuality coursesgenerally when this comes up the reason that comes up isthat assumethe classes i had a proper something has been talk we talkpreviously about uh. classes ahead pornographic tutorials shown as part of thethe curriculum and obviously every onceawhile signal of public that out sowe have another very ridiculous human sexuality course it's being offered uh. and so karen rice who is a formerwestern nevada college carson city student

is filing a lawsuit with the u_s_district court nevada against uh. the the former teacher whois doing this research on the course and uh. at her reasons for doing it orso meeting so as i'm reading the stories normally i will markov ridiculous quotes i wannaread and the problem was that i was markingoff almost every line because this class based on what she says was the same sodas and ideas of thestuff is going on

on the very first day of class uh. cool decide who is the professorwho is being targeted by this lawsuit tells his students that he will increasetheir sexual urges to such a height that they won't be able to think aboutanything other than sex you can say that to you by someonethat's a really funny but i don't have a problem with that he was making lawson well you know that novice leaflet can't stand and fight

it was trying to be colorful and funevening scrap me joe is this high school or college this is not helping antoine final that'sthat's true i guess throne is everything it is it's all about timing he was beinga pretty ladies on his these people sex immediately below the visions werebehind the lectern when he asked again i would be questionable but it just soundslike he's trying to be animated find united possibly right you have notreceived your case gets atomic nono other avenues say one thingdefenseof your position before i continue

reintroduce what's our should point outthat the scenequestion is sixty years old citizen to be a little bit moresensitive perhaps unless you the the sexual shenanigans going on so the nextthing that they had to do is an assignment that was given to students they had a right three journal entriesof two huned fifty words each was cited for uh. before the next class disclosingtheir personal sexual thoughts and

explain that this is for a final projectwhich was titled a sexual case study usual do you have a festa should be gatheringthe sexual fantasies of the student where's the gavel yeah guilty kept thoseout there it sexual fantasies and thoughts of yourstudents like now sounds like inc about the sexualfantasies unless former students it seems like twenty materialany oldthe speaking of waking actually we have an additional things so let's see thefinal assignment explicitly ask students

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