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Vaginal Odor Smells Like Copper

My Vaginal Discharge Smells Like Chlorine

My vaginal discharge smells like chlorine. Are you sure you just aren't overbleachingyour launyé No, this problem remains whether I wear tidywhities or not. It can take on a chemical smell if you'veused a lot of condoms. That's called safe sex. It can take on a chlorinelike smell whenyou've used some types of lubricantsaddition to a condom. Then I don't need to be worried about thesmell if it can be traced to some intimate

activities. Some guys' semen smells like bleach or afaint sugary smell. Condom use pretty much precludes that cause. Now if it smells metallic, that is a signblood is mixed with the vaginal fluids. If I had my period, I'd notice the blood. Blood has more of a copper smell, but if there'san infection like something with lesions and a tinny smell, you could have an STD causingthe off smell. I know fresh blood when it isn't the righttime for it is a problem.

And your period is usually dark red or brownby the time it shows up. But it won't have a chemical smell, justmean I need to use real chlorine bleach to clean up. Your body has a natural pH of 7.4. That's a little alkaline. Yes, since it is higher than 7. Conversely,bleach has a very high pH. Yeah, around 12, but your vagina usually putsout an acidic discharge. The vagina's normal pH is between 3.8 and4.5. If you have vaginosis or some sexually

transmitted disease, the pH can go higherthan 4.5. Then the bleachy smell isn't because theoutput is becoming alkaline. No, but an STD can alter its pH and smell,and when your brain doesn't know what it is, it assigns the first chemical that isanything close. If my biochemistry has altered that much,I have a problem. It isn't an alkaline diet; any diet thatalters your biochemistry that much will kill you. However, an STD could alter the chemistrydown there enough to take on a chemical or acidic smell.

What if I said it smells like ammoniaé Then I would say it is vaginosis due to bacterialgrowth, though it could be due to excessive sweating or dehyation and concentrated urinetoo. And I could end up blaming a urinary leak. Or just sweating a lottight pants whileinking caffeine and energy inks instead of water. But at least that's somethingyou can fix by taking a long hot bath to relax.

Women Try Menstrual Cups

Okay, relax the vagina muscles. When it's that time of themonth, I usually use pads. Day one, I'm like oh shit! I have to run to CVS. And then I buy a whole box of tampons. Tampons are the main form of defense. Ah, I just try and praythat it doesn't come, but it always does.

I am a proud Diva Cup owner, enthusiast, guru, whatever. There's this cup and you fold ithalf and you stick it on up there. It just ches the blood. Let's say I got my periodthe morning, go the entire day withit in, and then at night, I'm a night showerer, sowhen I'm taking a shower,

I'll just like take it out, dump it out, stick it back in, oh clean it! Stick it back in. My Diva Cup right now isdoing the best thing it could ever be doing, it ismebecause I am on my period. What did I get myselftoé My little Diva Cup. It's uh, you know, really nice now,

when it's not coveredin red, mucusy blood. Oh my God, it lookslike a little nipple. This is big! I feel like I'm gonnabe walking around all day like I have a pole up my ass or something. How do you know when to change it outé Well. Oh my God, this is overwhelming.

You little bastard. I will win this one. Maybe I should just shoveit up and see what happens. Great. Okay. God I'm sweating. Engaging Kegels now. And, oh God.

No, okay, I gotta start over again. (laughing) I think this is a fail! Take two. How do you relax your vagina musclesé Okay, think about vaion. This is so hard. Hold on.

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