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Vaginal Odor That Wonu0027t Go Away

Why does my vagina smell

Oh sorry. What are you doingé Clone: I've been on a pineapple only diet all week and I still don't smell like a pineapple. What. Clone: I don't want my icky vagina to smell bad like they normally do. Clone: so I read online that I can make it smell like a pineapple! Oh my god I have to make a tutorial about this. It's time to talk about vaginas.

Your sausage wallet, punani, cookie, clam, toybox, cunt. Cunt is my favorite. Not just my favorite word for vaginas but like my favorite wordEnglish. It makes me really sad when I have casual vagina conversations with my friends and they don't know basic vagina owning 101. I wonder if theres a book called that. I'm going to look it up and if so its going to be on the screen right now. Just cause. I'm buying it. God I sound so pretentious. quot;I know more about vaginas then like, all of my friends.quot; Make a gif of that.

Alright, having a naturally bad smelling vagina isn't a thing. Vaginas are awesome. They smell awesome. And they taste awesome. Some people have faint scents, some people have strong scents. Do you want to bea tutorial about vaginasé When I tell people I don't wash my vagina they freak out. BUT HOW DO YOU KEEP IT CLEANé! Hey listen, vaginas clean themselves. They are a product of millions of years of evolution and all of that was before soap was invented.

There are actually lots and lots of little living things inside your vagina. Clone: AHHH! Don't freak out! There are tons of little living things all over and inside your body on the microbiological level and they're all working really hard to keep you healthy. So uh make their job a little easier and don't fuck it all up. Seriously if you're using soap or douchesyour vagina you are fucking up your natural cleaning process. Seriously though clean the dirty parts of your body. Your vagina isn't one of them. But having an unbalanced vagina is totally a thing. And if you use anything dirtyyour vagina like penises, toys, fingers you really gotta stay on top of it.

Now if your partners the one telling you to handle your shit downstairs tell them to go fuck a pineapple. But with that being said your vaginas a constant war between yeast and bacteria. If either of them wins, you're going to have a problem. That's not really how it works but I just love describing a vagina as that. IT'S A WAR ZONE. I don't know. Vaginas are badass y'all. Yeast infections and bacterial infections can both cause bad smells. BUUUUT, so called 'feminine freshness' products actually cause this.

They murder these tiny little organisms that keep you healthy and then make you smell bad. Let me say that again. DOUCHES AND SOAP MAKE YOU SMELL BAD. So you think you smell bad. You use a douche. You use a feminine soap. Then the smell goes away for a day and you're like, quot;Oh my god I smell like roses and mangoes!quot; Then the next day you smell bad again so you have to buy more of their products. It's a freakin vicious cycle. Chaching for them. Woof for you.

What Happens When A Fly Lands On Your Food

Do you get hot and bothered when your datethrows up on their food and slurps it all downé Then you my friend may be a flyosexual. Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. Mydad always warned me that flies were the scum of the earth and that I should NEVER (i repeat:NEVER) allow them to land on my food. They'll vomit! They'll poop! They'll spread contagiousdiseases and you will die! Felt a bit like receiving an abstinence lecture, to be honest. In a recent survey, Orick asked participants:“if you were at a restaurant, which critter would make you op your forké Rodentsé CockroacheséFliesé Antsé Or snakeséâ€� SNAKES! I'd definitely

be atta that jointa heartbeat. 61% ofpeople said they would bounce if they saw cockroaches, but scientists warn that FLIESare actually twice as germy as cockroaches. And they're specifically referring to thosepesky houseflies that can be found anywhere after all, there are over 90,000 differentspecies of flies. So what's the real deal on flies and foodéFlies do gross things like eat garbage and poop and rotting animal carcasses. All thosegerms from the gross stuff they think is delicious gets transferred to their legs and small hairsall over their body. It only takes a second for them to transfer those germs to your foodor to your body. It's also true that flies

can't chew, soorder to eat, they spitenzymes on their food to dissolve it and then slurp it up. And yet another truth is thatflies can carry cholera, dysentery, and typhoid. But.notice most people DON'T get thosediseases.which brings me to the rational side of things. Flies that are festering onfood can definitely make you sick, so if there's a bunch of flies feeding on a rotting apple you probably shouldn't eat it! But when they land on food for a few seconds, it'sunlikely that it'll transfer enough bacteria to make you sick. It's also a misconceptionthat they poop every time they land. That would be a lot of tiny fly bowel movements.They might spit or vomit on your food if they're

intending to eat it, but it's the bacteriathat's stuck to their body that actually spreads disease and makes people sick. Long story short: fly vomit is your friend,fly bodiesé Not so much. Thanks for watching DNews do you get grossed out if flies landon your foodé Let me know down below and we'll ch you on the next episode hopefullywith a little less feces.

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