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Vaginal Odor When Aroused

Ladies Answer Sexual Arousal Questions That Guys Are Too Afraid To Ask

We're confusing creatures. Women are very confusing, I agree. And there's like athousand factors that go in. Like a guy could just pop a boner. There's a million factors that go into when a woman feels aroused. And now,ladies answer sexual arousal questons that guys are too afraid to ask.

What does it feel likeé Metaphorically, it feels likean itch you have to scratch. When you're reallyaroused, you get very wet, like, you knowé Yeah, it gets real. Like exercise but without hating it. There's sweat and endorphinsand happy, excitement and your heart's racing.

It feels like a vaginatingle on the inside. Or like, (heavenly humming). To me like being turned onliterally feels like magic. What turns you oné Eyebrows. If your eyebrows are on fleek, it's done. Have you see Buffy the Vampire Slayeré (laughing)

Good sense of humor. Good style. The relationshipbetween Buffy and Spike. Is pretty great. A nice cock. (laughing) I could not like something one day and then love it the next day.

Or all of a sudden you'relike totally not into it and then you see a good ankle. Talented at anything. You could be the world's best actor and I'm gonna be just asattracted to you if you're like the world's wrestling champion. A lot of times you'relike reading a sexy book or something and then you'rejust enjoying that sexy book,

you're not necessarilygonna like finish the book and masturbate. How does it happen,it happens gradually, like it's not as night and day. It's like a journey. It doesn't need to hit the high pitch. Just like mildly horny andyou're just kinda are there and you enjoy it.

9 Interesting Facts About Vagina You Must Know

Fact 1: The Vagina is Expandable ApproximatelyUp to 199% While there is no “fixed size� for a woman'svagina, but commonly it is about 3 inches wide and 3.5 inches deep. However, it is notfixed. In fact, the vagina is expandable up to 200%size, making it possible for atiny sperm to fertilize an embryo and grow into a fully formed baby, be delivered, aneturn to nearly its original shape. However, some factors can cause a vagina to “sag�and even fall out (but, thankfully, this can be fixed as we aremodern era) Fact 2: Its Possible to “Exercise� YourVagina

Arnold Kegel changed women's lives when hefirst published a pelvic floor exercise1948 that quickly became synonymous with hisname. Dubbed the Kegel exercise, it is a way to strengthen the “vaginal muscles of thepelvic floor,� which can help a woman cope during childbirth, fend off urinary infections,and even increase orgasmic pleasure. To do the exercise, you must first recognize themuscles you need by stopping urinationmidstream. Next, empty the bladder and lieon your back. Slowly tense and relax these muscles (but not the buttocks) starting with5second intervals and gradually increase the duration to 10. Repeat 3 times a day.The good news is that men can also benefit

from Kegel exercises, helping prevent prematureejaculation and lengthening and strengthening erections. Fact 3: There is a magical GSpot Yes, There is such a thing called as the “Gâ€�Spot – an area inside the actual vagina which is responsible for an intense orgasmand higher sensations than that of clitoris. How do you find the “Gâ€� Spoté Grab yourpartner and lie down on your back. Have he put their index finger inside, and make a“come hitherâ€� motion. Are you suddenly seeing skyrocketsflighté Congratulations,then you've found your “Gâ€� Spot!

Fact 4: There is a similaritySharks andVagina No, it's not teeth but they both containsa compound called squalane, which is foundshark livers and alsothe vagina whichserves as a natural lubricant. You are well aware of it. When a woman is aroused, shesecretes the squalane as her clitoris and labia swell up, and the interior vagina lengthensas it prepares for entry for the penis. Fact 5: There Are Eight Thousand Nerves inthe Clitoris What we usually see as the vagina is actuallymade up of more than one parts. The extending outer thing is called the vulva, made up ofthe inner and outer labia (also called as

the “lips�), the clitoris, the clitoralhood, and the urethra. The actual “vagina� is the interior area, which consists of thecervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus. The clitoris is the organ exclusively reservedfor a girl's pleasure during sex – as so, it contains 8,000 nerveendings.This sounds well and good normally compared to the glands of the Men's sexual gland, whichhas only 3500 Nerve Endings. But, if you're comparing nerveendings to the ENTIRE penis,including foreskin, that number, jacks up to 24,000. Good Thing for Men Fact 6: Stop Washing Your Vagina!

No we're not talking about basic externalhygiene, we are talking about putting any outside cleansers inside. Yes, the vaginais full of bacteria, but it is good bacteria that keeps a woman healthy, and the vaginacleans itself like a wellregulated machine. Women used to grow up believing their “ladyparts� were unclean, but modern science has proven this wrong. For you science geeksout there, the pH of the vagina is about 4 – the same for wine and tomatoes. Fact 7: It was a Disney Movie which firstused the Word “Vagina� As strange as it may seem, Walt Disney wason the forefront of women talking about their

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